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    How to raise a boy without mother ?

    During the high risk pregnancy some times when the choice is between the child and mother, it is difficult to forgo one or the other. But invariably the life of mother is at risk and she would die. In that case raising a boy child is very difficult for the father without the elders help at home. The first five years are more precious as the boy would be wanting the presence of mother and nurturing the same child thereafter would be more difficult as the single father cannot understand the demand of the child during adolescent and there after.
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    By the way, for the good upbringing of a child, the support of both the parents is necessary and it should be so. But sometimes we do not have control over the situation and a child loses one of his or her parents at a very young age. It is also true that it is important and necessary to have a mother for a small child because at that time the need of the mother is most important. But there are some families where, in spite of the absence of the mother, the child is given full affection and a good upbringing. According to some people, the only solution for this is to get a second marriage, but I do not consider it mandatory, it depends on the person's own desire. When one of the parents is single then his role is also double which is a bit difficult but parents manage it successfully to give a good life to the child.

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    Mohan, what if the child is a girl?

    These are unfortunate and unexpected situations that we need to manage. You said that taking care of such an infant would be difficult without help from other elders at home. If we are to ignite our imagination to such levels, what would one do if there are no elders at home? We need to understand that humans have the intelligence and perseverance to deal with such situations despite feeling helpless. As is said, it is a do-or-die situation. So, the choice is very less, rather, the choice is nil.

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    A child will grow well when he has the nurturing of both parents. if any one of them is missing, the kid may feel handicapped. The kid may not be able to express his/her thoughts. But if we observe them keenly or see the acts, we will understand that. It may be an uphill task for the father to bring up the kid properly. But it is an irrecoverable loss to the kid. In this universe, the love of the mother is second to none.
    If the mother alone is there, she may take all the care of the kid and she may be able to manage well. But if the only father is alive, it will be very difficult for him to manage the show very well. They don't know how to entertain the kids all the time. Even making them eat food is also a very difficult task for the fathers. They may depend more on the grandparents of the kid. The role of a lady in the house can't be enacted by gents at any cost,

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    Girl child listens to father and easily adaptable, but boys would be difficult to nurture.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What the author has presented is really a painful situation. Loosing either of the parent for the infant would prove to be a irreparable situation. The situation becomes even more worse with the lose of mother as a result of delivery. In that situation the entire responsibilities go to the father in bringing up the infant if the family lacks other members. The father may take up the help of their in-laws where they may take the proactive steps in supporting the child giving the child mental and physical support. However , in all the cases it is not feasible where such a help from in - law side is not likely to come up. The initial years of the child are the crucial ones but after wards, say after attaining his adolescence age, he/she would adjust with the circumstances and the child could do the best in the life.

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    I don't think that gender of the child here should be the problem, be it boy or girl raising him/her without any of the parents is a difficult deed to be done. especially in the case of the death of the mother, it becomes more difficult because it is a mother who is everything to a child during his/her formative years.
    And contrary to the author's belief at times a boy can be more compliant and a girl can be more rebellious so it is not the gender of the child which will create the problem here but the absence of a parent.
    One of my friends was raised without a mother and father, a boy has grown well, his mother died when he was in class third and his brother was just three months old, and his father did not take their responsibility any further so both the boys were raised by their unmarried maternal uncle and widowed maternal grandmother and they both grew up just fine.
    So a child learns to cope up with the situation as he/she grows up all he/she need is love and nurturing.

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    It is always a difficult situation for a parent if one of them dies leaving a child too early. I agree with the author that it is difficult for a man to bring up his child because he has double roles to play- one as a 'parent' and second as a sole earner for his family. However, if some other members of his family live with him then it will help him a lot.

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