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    The monkey mind which misleads people to do unpredictable things and disturbs the mind

    The monkey mind is something which slowly captivates people and do something very unexpected.
    Just as the monkey does not sit at one place and keeps on hopping from one place to another,so does the monkey mind constantly hammer the thought process of people and make them change their mind about certain decision. It is very tough to catch the monkey.

    A troup of monkeys go the farms where various friuts are grown by the farmers and destroy the crops incurring a huge amount of loss to the farmers. The farmers hire monkey catchers to trap them and pay them substantial amount of money and ask the monkey catchers to leave them deep into the forest so that they never return. The monkey catchers keep in jars variety of fruits and nuts with the base wide and the neck very narrow. The monkeys put their hands inside the jar and become avaracious to find such a treat. They open their palm wide and collect a large number of nuts but when they try to take out the hand they get trapped and struggle to get their hands out. Finally,the monkey catchers put them into a cage and leave them deep in the woods so that they never come back to the farms.

    Now,let us compare the monkey mind with the greedy monkeys. A person would have planned in advance to do something very productive and earn some money for the rainy days . However,the oscillating monkey mind makes unexpected decision and tempts the wise person to blow up all the money in gambling.

    One should therefore,be very alert and never allow greed to overpower their mind and be firm and debunk from their decision.
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    Good thread from the author. As we have inherited the character and mind set from the monkeys, some where are the other, the influence would be striking to do things that are unpredictable to others and thus disturb the whole process to which everything was envisaged before hand and thus gets out of hand. The reasons for this kind of hovering behavior within us is the greed to earn more and greed to outsmart others in short period. The jealousy in ourselves over the progress of others would make us to take short cut route to success and our behaviors are worst than monkeys sometimes as that animal would take rest after acquiring something to eat and sleep but we tend to keep on venturing to new ideas of making money and fail. So we are more dangerous than the monkey behavior as state here.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Human mind always flickers from one point to another and there are very few people who have a good control on their mind and execute their work in a focused and concentrated manner. Many people have a tendency of monkey mind and they will not be consistent in their thinking and approach to the jobs in hand. Their mind will flicker from one place to other or one job to other and as they will not be having a stability in a particular job they will lose everywhere and will not get any success in their lives. God has provided us a very high level of consciousness level and it is a misery if we are not able to harness all its beneficial results for our growth just because we are having a flickering mind.
    Only those people can rise in their lives who have a concentrated and focused approach not only for their work but for all the aspects in the lives. Jumping from one place to another or from one assignment to other will not give any result in our lives.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Really monkey minds behave in a silly way. Once we all went to Tirupathi. My father was having his bath in the pond on the top of the hill. He kept his shirt on the shore. We were all waiting there. All of a sudden a monkey came and picked up the shirt. The money purse was there in the pocket of the shirt. All the money he brought was in that shirt pocket only. We were all shaky. While we were trying to get back the shirt, a person came there and offered the monkey some bananas. Immediately that monkey left the shirt and picked up those bananas. We were happy.
    Like monkey minds, human brains also work in a silly way sometimes. When we think about the action we did afterwards we feel how we behaved like that at that moment. we feel astonished. This type of erratic behaviour may not be due to greed but it is the immaturity of the individual I feel.

    always confident

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