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    Do you feel that tv serial actors are more adaptable to scenes than the established movie actors?

    Be it any language, the television serial actors have been doing some wonderful roles and some of them has cast the spell of their own brand image and it has been felt many a time that a single character of any serial be it any language would carry the scores of episodes on their head and lead it successfully. Moreover the emotions, the challenges shown in the serials are no less than a movie happenings and they do well. Do you feel that tv serial actors are more adaptable to scenes than the established movie actors? Please share your good characters of ongoing serials.
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    I think acting is a talent which requires everywhere whether it is big cinema screen or small tv screen. I don't know on what basis the author has concluded that small screen actors are more adaptable. Cinema actors are always more versatile and talented than tv artists who have limited scope of roles to play in serials.

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    Generally a good actor will be able to perform equally well in the the film industry or TV programmes. Only difference is that as there are already famous and celebrity stars working in the film industry the TV actors might not find an opportunity to get roles there. So it is difficult to compare whether they will be able to perform equally well in the film industry or not. Another thing is that in TV serials which run for a quite long time, the viewers associate themselves with the particular character and once they start liking it then it becomes a type of role model for them and they wait with interest for the coming episodes of that particular TV serial. I am sure that given an opportunity, TV actors will also do good in the films.
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    Talent is always a vital factor in whatever we are doing and the same thing is applicable for both TV artists or for the Bollywood artists. At the initial stages, despite the talents the artists have to struggle a lot to establish themselves in such fields where they can show their outstanding performance. However, struggles for the artists are somewhat less in the small screen as compared to the Bollywood films. Apart from their talents, they need to have good contacts with the producers and directors so that their entry is in such fields does not pose any issues in the similar lines.

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    In both forms, an actor needs effort and talent. Although both try to give their good performance at their level, still the actors or actresses who come to the movies in the matter of fame get more fame. Everyone does not even see serials and they are more prevalent in certain areas, apart from that, there are many changes in the story serials and accordingly, their roles and actions can also change but whatever the situation I think to be in this industry and maintain your fan following a dedication and talent is most important.

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    That is true. The actors who start their career with TV shows will get trained there well and they mature and do well on the big screen also. But the actors who are well established on movie screens may not be comfortable acting for small screens.
    TV serials are endless and how many weeks it will extend nobody knows. The actors have to spend more time shooting. It will take more time as the shooting will not be continuous and may happen intermittently. That may be an irritating factor for these well-established actors and hence they may not be able to perform to their maximum potential. But the TV actors who are accustomed to this type of shooting may try their best to perform well so that they will have a better career.
    I know some movie actors who did very well on the small screen also. Radhika is one such actor. Subhalekha Sudhakar is another actor who did well in both areas.

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    In a serial span over so many episodes, the particular actor is shown with many transformations in the life where as in movie it can be hero, heroine or opponent.
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    Probably the remuneration that an actor will get for acting in a movie will be very high when compared to the money they get for their time on TV. That may be another reason for their nonperformance on TV. I have seen many actors who are having no chances in movies showing interest in TV shows, Telugu Actors like Roja and Naga Babu who have no roles to play in movies are appearing in many TV shows these days. The same may be true in other languages also. A reputed actor can earn more by being a brand ambassador to a product rather than working in a TV show.
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    Yes, I agree that many television actors are way better than movie actors. And I believe it is because television provides more opportunity than movies as it is a more open industry than the movie industry.
    In the movie industry since it is more like politics where you need a lot of connection to reach somewhere but in the tv industry, you have comparatively more chances. And many of the people who are from common family background and not some movie industry often start with television and then only move to the movie industry,
    And I think it is one of the biggest reasons that we see more talent in the television industry than movie industry because people performing here are more hardworking and from more diverse backgrounds with no connections and support if they fall back like star kids in movie industries.

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