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    Will our good deeds will be beneficial to us in a long run?

    We were always taught by our elders that we should adhere to good things in our lives and it should be our endeavour to execute good deeds whether it is helping other people or helping others to create a good atmosphere in the society. Some people might argue that why they should do good things and why not concerned only for the things which are beneficial for themselves financially or materialistically. But that is a selfish mind set and we must remember that what the good things we are doing today are not going to give a return to us immediately but it will shape our lives in longer runs in a very beautiful manner when the returns to all those good things will automatically start to pour back in our lives.
    Many people have belief in this doctrine and many of them are also benefited to that extent. Do you also believe that our good deeds will be beneficial to us in a long run?
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    Yes, the good deeds done from our end will certainly pay us not immediately but in the long run. This may not be the case with some shortcut methods where the gain is accrued immediately but the long run might be disappointing. We are talking about the activities persuading in the share market where we can earn manyfold gains in some equities but how far the ultimate gain is sustainable in future is certainly questionable. Now let us talk in context of education of our children. Providing them higher education now a days has been a costly affair and for many parents cannot afford the same because of the economic constraints. They have to approach the banks for loan so that the expenses relating to education could be fulfilled. This situation makes them uncomfortable initially but later they are tuned to live in that way. Now think how his son has blessed with a coveted qualification due to the sacrifices of his parents. Even though the son may not be able to repay back this gratitude but the parents feel that they are amply rewarded.

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    I believe in that. If we do good, we will definitely receive help from others when we are in need. When a person is having any problem, if we help him, when we are in need he may come and help us. Today we are in a good position and we may be able to help the other person. But tomorrow we may be in problems and we may require help from others. Such times definitely we will look for help and definitely that help will come in some way or other. That is very true.
    There are many stories that will tell us the impact of good deeds. We always should not count the profit we get out of our actions. All the days will never be the same. There will be ups and downs in our lives. Today you may be in a position to give but tomorrow it may change. We should remember this fact always.

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    Good deeds are always a iconic behavior from the person which is not only noticed by the others and he is recognized for the good work done. It can be a charity not asked for, helping a friend who is in need, doing some extra work for an organization or person without expecting any benefits in return, likewise there are many such moments which can be channelized in such a way that the opposite person gets attracted and benefited through our actions. Good deeds are not necessarily helping someone with cash or kind, even talking good sense , sharing something helpful for others and even mending the ways of wrong children are also some of the good deeds which make an imprint of ourselves presence in the society. But what ever it is our reach out should be without asked for and the joy of receiver would be double. Good deeds always paves way for our good and peaceful living.
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    Yes, the teachings of our elders plus the doctrine of karma they have inculcated in us always make us think before whether we are right or wrong. Whether our decision is virtuous or sinful. Also about the concept of virtues and sins - that good dees takes you to heaven bad deeds to hell
    - good done by you comes back manifolds
    All these concepts inculcated into us somehow makes us good human. I don't know whether good dees will result in manifolds of happiness or not but I always feel good about myself every time I do such a thing.
    All the fears and moral values inculcated into me during my upbringing stays at the corner of my mind, even if I have unlearned many of things which I felt were not good enough, but this notion of good deeds I have always found it has somewhat truthfulness into it.

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    When I was in class 3, I read a story of Androcles and a lion in my Hindi book. He was a Roman slave. His master was a cruel man. One day he ran away from his master and went to a jungle. There, he saw an injured lion with a thorn stuck in his paw. He felt pity for it and plucked out the thorn and put the lion out of pain. The lion became his friend and both lived together until the emperor's men found Androcles and took him back. As a punishment, he was thrown inside a ring to be eaten up by a hungry lion. Many people, including the emperor gathered to watch this spectacle. The lion was kept hungry for several days so that it could eat Androcles and it was left open in the ring, it came running towards him. But instead of eating him up, it stroked and caressed Androcles. It was the same lion that Androcles stayed with. Everybody was ahocked at this strange behaviour of the hungry lion, the emperor demanded an explanation. When Androcles explained what had happened, he was pardoned and the lion was set free.
    This story is suitable for this thread. I think we should help others if we are in a position to help them.

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    A good massage has been given by the author when a person is doing karma, many times he becomes selfish because he is only concerned with the immediate reward he gets, but not thinking about the long-term consequences of actions is man's fault. Our good deeds help us to build a strong future with strong and positive effects. When a person gets a rejection or fails in his life he/she may blame others or sometimes destiny or even god, but it's all just a result of your own karmas. So if someone wants to secure its future then it is mandatory to give a good investment of good thoughts and good deeds. When you give good you will get the same in return as any other policy this policy also works in human life. No one can run away from its deed whether they are good or bad one has to face the result of them.

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