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    When the festival is over!

    It is true that all the festivals are for fun and frolic and enjoyment and having get together with friends and family. At the same time some people overenjoy these festivals and have a good dose of fun and once the festival is over they feel tired or exhausted due to so much of excitement and activity. So in the aftermath of all that fun and frolic they feel lethargic to go back to their duties. Everyone will not feel like that but some people will have that type of residual effects in their minds. It is also equally true that once festivals are over we are supposed to go back and start working with full vigour and zeal. What are your experiences in this regard?
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    That is true. Some people enjoy the festivals and have all the fun. But the housewife will have to make all the arrangements and see that some specials are also made for all the people in the house. See will definitely get exhausted by the time all the members in the house come and eat. Sometimes she may not even feel like eating after feeding all the people. I feel sorry for them. So for them really festivals are testing times.
    Working people will enjoy festivals as they will have free time those days. But after holidays again they have to go to the office means they will feel very lethargic. That is true.
    As far as I am concerned I never worried about going to the office after a festival. The duty only gives us bread and butter. We can't neglect that and we should concentrate on duty first. Celebrations at festivals will not be there if there is no job and salary. I always used to think in that way. But some people may laugh at that thought.

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    Probably for this reason the shops and establishment in Telangana are closed today because there was over excitement and enjoyment indulging in bursting of crackers, participating in Lakshmi Puja and later on joining the dinner, and all this would have made each employee to forgo the celebrations at their respecting homes, and thus declared holiday next day. Once the festival is over, the aftermath clearance of what ever been done has to be given first preference. And those who came for the festivities would start leaving for their homes and that parting is also a worrisome. Anyway laziness do set in after the great time last evening and even the households feel like sleeping extra hour next day of the Deepavalli and therefore we cannot avoid such things and they do happen and we have to overlook such things.
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    You are right. Especially during the Deepavali festival, people over eat sweet and other dishes of interest and suffer with some ailments. To avoid this, in our home, after the celebration, the elders make neem balls (Ground neem leaves) and insist all the family members to have them before going to bed. So that they are fit and perfect to continue to go to their work places.
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    Festivals are a good break from our regular activities but for some, the pressure may be much more. If we think of the shop keepers, especially those who are in the garments and accessories sector, they are busier during the festivities and plan a break after the festivals. I feel the lethargy to go back to our normal activities after any long break is a side effect of long breaks. I found this as a side effect because not all are equally affected by it. Some do manage it well and some others cannot. Keeping a balance is essential. If we think all such festivals are part of our regular lives and from time to time we will be enjoying them then it can be managed well.

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    Yes, it is true after the festival ends it becomes a little difficult to come back to the daily routines of the time. And it takes almost 2 to 3 days to adjust to the daily activities after the festivities. Even if one does not go over the board in having fun the lethargy still happens because during the festivals we are somewhat indifferent about the normal routine and want to enjoy the festival fully.
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    I think festivals serve as energy boosters. After such a joyous occasion in a continuous life, the spirits of body and mind are awakened. The new venture again speeds up the work in life. Many of us do tour programs to get rid of the monotony and the festival breaks worked in the same way. So at the end of the joyous ceremony should join the work with new enthusiasm. Because life has to cover a long journey. This is the true spirit of life.
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