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    Which group is smarter? The metropolitan or the rustic villagers.

    Sometimes the innocent unlettered villagers happen to outsmart the sophisticated men and women from the cities of India. To take an example,an affluent person buys things from the local stores without bargaining the price of commodities whereas a villager tries to save money by trying hard to reduce the price . In the process even if he saves a small amount ,it is beneficial for him.

    Further,when a brilliant student from a village gets admission in a reputed college in the city and is accommodated in the hostel,he easily mingles with the other classmates and learns the art of living without much hazzles. On the flip side,when a student from a city goes to the farm house with his friends,sometimes he finds it difficult to interact with the natives.

    Who is smarter ? The villagers or the metropolitans.
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    There will be smart people in both groups. There may be a variation in the percentage.
    Previously, the children who were brought up in a city atmosphere were having good exposure to the advanced world and they used to outsmart village kids who were not having that exposure. But slowly there is a change in the situation. The advent of the internet made villagers also get all the information and they also are having good exposure. So they are also equally smart.
    But the financial position of the family may have some impact on the individual. A person who is born rich may not be able to adjust to difficult conditions. But a poor person can adapt himself to any difficult situation and come out successfully.
    Individual talent and mentality will play a big role in these issues.

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    There are differences between the metropolitan people and the rustic villagers on many counts. While the city life was hectic and not habituated to peace, the village life is always calm and composed. City lives are complicated and associated with challenging situations, where as the village life is simple and going. While the city lads heavily depend on the transportation vehicles or their own vehicles, the villagers believe in walking and thus they are more fit than others. Those who are living in city does not give credence to festivities and celebrations, whereas the villagers are always connected to such events. As said by the author as regards adjustments to the issue and matters of living, the villagers adapt to the situations easily whereas the city guys cannot. And those city boys habituated to air conditioned life cannot adjust with villages which are open to sky living during nights.
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    I think, mostly, an urbanite is smarter than a rustic and the reason is that he has exposure to modern lifestyle, sophisticated etiquette and much of technological advancement. It is also observed that the environment of both areas is different and this environment shapes the whole personality of a person, besides it prevalent traditional ambience in the family always leaves a deep impact on the mind, which shapes our proclivity that clings with our innate nature. But nothing stops a sharp-minded person from carving a niche for himself in any particular field because the mind sits on top of a human body and this sharp-mindedness is not confined in a city or village.

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    I think both sets of people have intelligence and knowledge of two different kinds hence one can not be said superior to the other. At some places, a villager has a better grasp and knowledge of something than an urbanite and vice versa as well at some places.
    Any person who can mingle and live life in both conditions despite not being from any of two particular backgrounds is the best one.
    In today's world when the world has become a global village people are connected to faraway places so we can't say that someone is not much aware of anything that is happening at places if he/she is not ignorant.
    One should have such behaviour that he/she can mingle with both kinds of a person without making them feel different.
    If we look deeper into things the whole notion of being a person from a rural setting or urban setting is just a social construct after all because you will often find a rural person much-travelled and having much knowledge than an urbanite staying in a single big metropolitan city and is not much aware other than his/her nearby place.
    I happen to meet many such so-called urbanites in a metro city of Delhi who was just in name from a metropolitan city and sophisticated just in outside and outwardly outlook, but once you have a conversation they have not much knowledge of things, and also I have met few elders in my village who are so much aware of the world and how things are going on.
    So ultimately now I don't judge people their background but by their knowledge.

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