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    ISRO- not just launching satellites even suggests location for solar plants

    Ever since sweeping powers bestowed with ISRO in deciding their future course of actions including selling their expertise to other countries, the space organization of India has now hit upon the idea of suggesting locations sites for the solar plants since the ISRO has the facilities to compute the data sent by various satellites, it can give the right suggestion to companies and organizations planning to set up solar plants across the world. So ISRO not only restricting itself to mere launching of satellites but also sharing the strategic info on solar photovoltaic establishing potentials.
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    ISRO is an organisation with a lot of commitment to its work and always tries to be user friendly. The scientist there work with a lot of commitment and very systematically. So they can do a better service to the nation, unlike many other government organisations. ISRO is helping other countries to launch their satellites and earning a lot of revenue. That way ISRO is becoming self-sufficient financially without depending on the funds from the government. Many foreign countries are having faith in this organisation and place their valuable orders on this organisation.
    They are encouraging private players in India by giving them technical know-how and seeing that they will manufacture quality products. Now they are venturing into this new year. They are taking up the job of locating ideal locations for power generating plants around the world.
    I hope in the coming days ISRO will enter into other areas like taking up research projects from other countries to develop the satellites also in addition to launching them,

    always confident

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