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    Let the success be thunderer, not just a performance

    When you want to cast a spell and create a place for yourself then the planning to achieve something new, something not attempted or achieved by others, something which was not even thought. In that case, let the success be thunderer, not just a performance. When the struggle decides the ultimate success, let it be more powerful than envisaged so that others cannot equate nor surpass. Even the old saying goes " the stronger the thunder, the heavier the rainfall". and our moves should be of clear definition towards asking goals. Any comment ?
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    We can expect always big only. We should always try to be on the top always. That feeling only will drive us to success. We all know the saying that if there is will there is a way. So here the important issue is the will. The stronger the desire the greater the chances of fulfilling the same. So we should aim for big and do the best.
    Once we aim for a big achievement we should try our best and we should not compromise anywhere for any issue. Then only we will have a chance for winning big. Some people aim very high and start thinking about their position after achieving the same. They lost their time in just thinking but never put their plans into action and they will not try their best for making their plans successful. That is not a good practice. Day dreams will never make you successful. Whole hearted attempts only bring you success and you will get good recognition in the field of your work.

    always confident

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    For that, one needs the tenacity to succeed. Leaving midway will not help to reach the goal in any way. Doing something that was never tried will be applauded by all and one can create a position through it and the important thing is to give one's best performance all the time. Every time compete with yourself to do better and that will help you to focus on your target. Planning is good and execution of the plan is the most important task. In many cases, the plan remains a plan because people think of making a better plan than the previous one but fail to act. If you wish to create a space for yourself in any field, find out the field and remain focused on it. This focus can only make you stronger.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Something which has never been achieved or even attempted by someone else, the author is encouraging us to do something kind of unprecedented activity. After reading this post my mind began to dip into imagination or deep down to frame a utopian world. This message of the author may be an inspiration for someone who dreams of doing something amazing, thrilling, an adventurous activity that nobody ever attempted.
    Sometimes, some new ideas are taken into action and people welcome their activities too. Some talented entrepreneurs initiated some new and unprecedented professions and they succeeded in their attempts. A few decades ago such an incident occurred when a man in Mumbai started a service agency that could collect tiffin from homes of office goers and fetch their homemade fresh food to their respective offices before their lunchtime. His new business was appreciated by people and he got many people registered in his office. Now several other such service agencies are working in Mumbai providing these services.

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