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    Please do watch this movie on Amazon Prime

    From time to time, there will always be someone who will create a big sensation in every filed. There are any number of actors who try to do this successfully as actors and directors.

    One such actor, who is deeply committed to a cause is Surya, a brilliant actor of Tamil movies. His latest movie is on the police atrocities, that is based on a real life story of a very poor Irular community young man, who dies in police custody.

    The entire sequence of events being narrated in the movie called Jai Bhim, is something that goes beyond mere acting. It is a true life story of a highly successfully lawyer, who represented social causes and then become a highly rated Judge of the Madras High Court.

    His name is Justice Chandru. He was the judge who refused the official car to go home on the day of his retirement.

    A highly reputed Judge, it was he who argued the case and sought an independent inquiry by a talented and honest IPS officer. The sequence of events narrated in the movie makes one cry for hours together. I did when I watched it on the OTT platform, Amazon prime. Sadly, it has not been released in the theatres, as the block buster called Annathae, which is a Rajnikant movie.

    Please do watch this fabulous movie by Surya in Tamil or Telugu or Hindi. It is such an excellent movie.
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    Surya is one such talented actor who gives real life to the role he plays. He is a versatile actor who can undertake any role and play it successfully. All his films were box office hit.

    I don't know what is in Annaathe. Despite spending hundreds of crores of rupees, I think, Annaathe is going to be another failure movie. Rajni is old and should stop acting. He can concentrate on politics by joining BJP and can do service to the nation and public. He should spend all his money saved, for social activities, and take Sanyasam.

    Kannada Superstar Puneet Rajkumar who recently reached heaven has sponsored thousands of poor children's education in Karnataka.

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    I watched this movie in Telugu. In General, Surya is an actor who will be doing new experiments with his movies irrespective of the results. He is a person who wants to bring novelty to the movies. He always likes to act in different movies with different storylines. He tries to attract his fans with new get-ups in his movies, In his career, he has had many successes and he is a really great actor with a lot of talent. In this movie, he acted as a laser helping a woman who lost her husband when he was in police custody. The man from Dalits was harassed by the police and was killed. The police never cared for the requests made by his wife to tell the facts. Then she went to this lawyer and he accepted her case without expecting any remuneration from her.
    I liked the movie. Surya did extremely well and as a lawyer, he excelled in all the court scenes and the lady lead role ask was also remarkable and the actor played the role very well. Overall a good movie.

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    When it comes to life time portrayal of a character, then the movie should be action thriller and when Surya is at the helm , the justice is done to the movie and it must be paisa vasool for the fans. Surya has been known for portraying well known out of box roles and proved to be versatile actor and with Jai Bhim he has gone one step further and got the acclamation thus deserved. But having released on OTT platform there cannot be wholesome viewing by his fans and others, soon it must be released on television and that would be befitting to watch and appreciate. I am sure Zee has been showing new movies that were released on OTT and we are sure even this movie would be watched and appreciated. From the narration of the author and the response made by Dr Rao, the movie seems to be captivating , capturing the minds of all.
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