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    Why the sparkle is missing?

    I was standing there for some time silently observing the activities all around. We observe various things regularly and at times find many answers by close observation. Observation is not always for a purpose and sometimes it's just an observation that does not even last in our minds. My observation this time is for a purpose because I was looking for an answer. I found people are moving, mostly in groups with families and friends in their usual ways. I took a few more steps and proceeded further. There also I found the same thing. People are there, the place is also illuminated but the sparkle in the environment is missing. The crowd is not as usual. Not many makeshift shops are there, only a few. Yes, there are restrictions but if you see the crowd on public transport you will feel as if everything is normal. People are crowding in shops and malls too but somehow their minds have no sparkle, the mood is gloomy. Is there any single factor for this gloom or multiple factors have reduced the sparkle? I am still looking for the answer.

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    The fear factor among the people still looms at large and they have the apprehensions of something bad to happen and thus keep guessing and move with caution. Not that they are frightened, the two year setback in life and the loss we gone through cannot be compensated and what ever meager things we have and adjusted too, should not be lost in another way. So people are though mingling and pretend to be happy, there is a pal of gloom inside as some have lost their loved ones, their elders are no more, and the festivities proved to be a non starter as the salaries were not forthcoming as envisaged and thus people are restricted to move in their life within the limited frame and therefore not getting into enjoyable mood. Surely the sparkle is still missing and the author has connected this content to the tow topic well.
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    The author has described the condition of a common man in this thread. Corona may be one of the reasons for this gloomy mood of the people in the country. From where it will come and capture us is not known. We think we are following are the precautions. But how it will come is still a mystery.
    The living conditions are becoming difficult day by day. The rates are skyrocketing and how to get on with the family is becoming a big question for the common man. He is not able to compromise and not able to manage. Wherefrom sparkles will come to him. He has many questions for which he has no answers and he has to only wait for getting the problems solves. Time only will solve the problems.
    He has to carry on and for that, he has to move around to see for an opportunity that may be available for him. So with hope, he will continue his journey. But slowly the days are improving and we see definitely sparkles in the eyes shortly. I hope.

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    It is an art by itself to be happy always. Most of us just fel envy towards some bubbling personalities. They do not need anything to laugh and make others laugh. Such people aree always welcome everywhere and they make the oom brighter and full with their happy making mood.

    We should learn this from children. Children become happy and giggle and burst into laughter on every small thing too. We can really cultivate such a mental attitude. The first factor needed is to see positivity in everything. It may be a little difficult at first, by constant sincere practice it becomes a good habit and attitude. If we turn a little philosophical and faith in God, then it becomes easier.

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    One thing that comes to my mind is that we are still in the shadow of the coronavirus effect that was prevalent there for a long time almost covering 2 years period. Though presently there is a positive dip and we are feeling out of the clutches of that dreadful enemy but still somewhere in the back of our mind we know that the enemy is still there resting like a fire under the cover of ashes. Another reason for the apparent gloom is that many people lost their jobs during the pandemic and they are not in a position to spend much during the festivals and would only roam in the market and reach back home with a limited number of goodies as compared to the earlier years. The third and last reason could be the inflation which is increasing in spite of the earning potential of people going down in recent past. The combined effect of all these factors is probably the gloom that author is pointing at.
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