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    Delhi's air quality severe people still bursting crackers?

    Today Delhi's air quality reached the level of 400 to 500, smog is so thick that it even caused a car accident causing the death of 5 people. But people are still bursting crackers.
    I know that people want to celebrate the festival and enjoy it in their own ways, but at what cost. Why people are not willing to understand and even after the ban of crackers in the whole NCR region are still bursting crackers.
    Can't they celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly manner?
    If they still want to burn the cracker why not just a few sparklers and that's it? Why there is a need to burst a load of crackers? What sort of happiness does it really provide, if the next day people around you are not able to breathe comfortably and suffering irritation in the eyes.
    And in the long term everyone has a chance of catching the severe respiratory disease, why don't people feel any moral obligation?
    And above all people are circulating Sadhguru's video justifying bursting crackers, even if it is okay to burst a few crackers, I don't think it is okay in a city like Delhi already suffering.
    What is your take on it?
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    Unfortunately the Delhi citizens are adamant and wont give credence to their responsibility towards society and they should know that they are the cause for what ever the capital has been going through in terms of pollution. Yesterday I saw a news video that farmers nearby to Delhi, are burning the grass and other waste which gives rise to more thick pollution. Time and again there was ads on the television as to ban the using of crackers but the people would not listen and the result we can see massive smog around and the Delhi is again in the midst of mind blowing pollution levels. The breathing for the children and elders has become risky and the morning walkers has to stay back. There are scapegoats among the people who want to take one reason or the other to defy the orders and thus the damage done extensively.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Delhi's air quality is getting worse and creating problems for people, especially old people. It has severe consequences if it is not mitigated. Compared to the last year when the lockdown was in place, the air quality was better. Now it is a completely different story. I think people are responsible for polluting the air quality and not behaving like a responsible citizens.
    Celebrating a festival is fine but at the same time, it is our collective responsibility to see if our action is creating problems for our people and society. Bursting crackers should have been avoided keeping in view the scenario in Delhi and its impact on air quality. Festivals can be Celebrated better even without bursting crackers. Not only has become air quality worse, but bursting crackers have also at many places in India destroyed properties worth crores! Fire incidents increase in such a situation. So, it is our collective responsibility to contribute, in whatever way one can, to keep our environment clean and improve air quality.

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    Despite the ban imposed for bursting crackers in the NCR region, there could not be any compliance of the same. Pollution levels remain alarmingly high in the Delhi Region.
    We need to show our collective responsibilities in this regard with the full observance of the administration. We have seen how the people are affected with this high level of pollution. Breathing problems especially in the senior citizens are rampant in different areas of Delhi. The sufferers face chronic problems of respiratory problems and sometimes need immediate consultation of the experts. Even the school going children are the worst sufferers of the respiratory issues due escalation of high level of pollution. Moreover high pitch sound of the crackers invite aggravation of heart problems for the senior people.
    Considering all such situations, we need to be sensitive to this aspect. Farmers, too, should behave in a matured manner by desisting from such irresponsible activities like burning of grasses giving rise to the pollution.

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    Pollution is a serious problem in Delhi and NCR. On some occasions, people find it difficult to breathe. They almost feel suffocated. As per a report, only 5% pollution level is increased by firecrackers, so calling it solely responsible for pollution is wrong. According to this report, almost 17% of pollution is generated by vehicles and the rest of pollution is due to factories or other plants or a.c. etc which cause this problem in the region. Burning the residual crops in Haryana also causes pollution in Delhi and nearby areas.
    A few years ago Delhi government started an odd-even system for using personal vehicles. It was welcomed by people, but now what the exact situation is I don't know.

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    I agree that we should be aware of pollution and should not go for any acts which will cause heavy pollution. But people are not caring for it. As mentioned by the author some small quantities of crackers for making children happy can be consumed. But definitely not in places like Delhi.
    But there are many other problems that are making the problem escalate. So we should think about the problem in a holistic manner and make amends to our lifestyle so that pollution will be under control. There are a few people who will remember about pollution on Deepavali day and they forget conveniently about that for the remaining 364 days of the year. That will not be a solution to this problem.
    One should find out the ways to bring down the greenhouse gases in our daily life so that the air quality will be within acceptable limits.

    always confident

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