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    Do you like English exams ? If yes append the reasons

    For many English has been the most difficult subject to write and present however they are able to converse and convey in bits and thus when it comes to writing exams they fare poorly and even detained. How to improve English depends on the interest of the candidate to learn fast and have contacts with those who are good at English. Keep on doing activities and check to the correctness of the same with experts. Nothing wrong if faltered, but the learning should be full without any mistakes for future. What was your maximum score in this subject ? Any comments ?
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    I want to be good at English. That will make me convey my feelings and thoughts to others without any ambiguity. Language is very important for communicating with others. English is the universal language and you can manage with English in almost all countries. So many people want to learn English.
    In my native place and in my state I can manage with Telugu which is my mother tongue. In India, I can manage with Hindi. But if I have to go to any other country these two languages are not sufficient and I should learn English also.
    These days English is taught from LKG itself to the kids and they talk English very fluently. In this process, children are forgetting their mother language and depending more on English only. This is also not good and people should make their kids be good at their mother tongue also.

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    Familiarity with English language in our country is gaining importance now a days for varied reasons . The prime reason being that you cannot have a decent job unless you are not proficient enough to converse and write fluently in this language. Once a child is admitted in a reputed public school in KG standard, English would be his primary subject apart from the other subjects taught in the curriculum. His exposure to this language for at least fifteen years during the academic session changes the outlook of the aspirant to the extent that he forgets his own language at some stage. However the end result might not bad since he might get a job of his choice due to his consistent practice in his field in addition to his sound grasp on English.

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