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    Brothers should take care of their sisters always.

    It is fortunate to have daughters, these days many people are feeling. In India, in any household daughters are given good respect. The parents will see that their daughters will get married to a boy from a respectable family. Even after marriage they will bring them to their houses for all important festivals and make them happy. They will continue this practice till they are alive or as long as possible.
    For any lady after her parents, her siblings are important. So she will always think about and wants to spend some time with them. Especially brothers should think about them and continue the practice of inviting her to their houses and see that she will be happy. That will be good not only for the family of the sister but also for his family also.
    So we all should invite our sisters to our house at least once a year. I hope other members of ISC will be in agreement with me in this aspect.
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    Today the author has given a good thread on the special festival of Bhai Doj. The relation of brother to his sister is very unique, where along with the fights, there is a lot of fun and happiness. Today's special day makes this relationship more special, but I feel that even today this day starts with the fight of love and belonging. Actually, in my house today, after worship, tilak is applied to the brothers, and for this, all the brothers have to wake up early in the morning and take a bath, in which most of the brothers throw tantrums because according to the brothers, they are the only ones who are tired of Diwali. And sister does not eat anything until they apply tilak to their all brothers, so this is to find an interesting fight, this is also a form of fun that brothers often do to bothor their sisters a little. This special day is a mixed form of happiness and joy.

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    In our state also all brothers visit their sister's house today and offer her some gifts and eat food cooked by the sister. I go to my sister who is living in the same city and offers her some clothes. Then I will eat with her and come back. With me, all my family members will also come and enjoy the day.
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    Yes, today is the Bhai Doj or in Bengal, it is called "Bhai Phota". These days sisters are praying for the long life of their brothers. Everyone enjoys the beautiful day of brother and sister's love, today is a holiday in Bengal, so all the brothers go to the sister's house to take a photo and the sisters also come to the brother's house to give a phota. The sisters put sandalwood-kajal-yogurt drops on the foreheads of their brothers and chanted mantras to wish them well. It is said that on this day, the god of death, Yamraj, took a phota in the hand of his sister Jamuna. Vaifonta is celebrated on the second day of Shukla paksha in the month of Kartik. Very nice post by the author on such a great day.
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    The bond between brother and sister is always special though some changes come in between when they grow up because of their separate family obligations. But that bond stays special we hear many cases of conflicts between brothers over the property but rarely any cases of conflict between brother and sister.
    In the region from where I am, there is a special month of April when the brother visits the sister's house and brings her so many gifts and sweets every year, and this is a very important duty of the brother. So every year he visits her home even if the relation gets sour. This is called "Betula" derived from the word "Bhet" in kumouni language which means to meet.
    Other than Rakhi, Bhai duj and many more festivals celebrating bonds of brother and sister this month of bhetula is very good and I like this concept very much whoever made into ritual.

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    Nice thoughts emanated from the author's mind. When there is one daughter and one son, that would be the more gifted family and if the son being the eldest and daughter being younger, that is further more added advantage. For example in our house my son and daughter are living like friends and beyond that and the understanding is stupendous and we the parents need not worry about welfare of them as they are well connected, much cared and much loved to each other. For us the importance of sister is always occupies best in the minds of brothers during the Sankranthi when we do Kanum Pongal in honor of brother by the sister where in she pledge to pray for his good life to look after her in times of needs. Likewise during the Rakhi festival also the same kind of feelings are emanated and that brings in more close bonding between two.
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    The main motive of such festivals are enhancing bondage between relations. Though the sisters got married and gone the brothers and their wife taking responsibility on caring during the festivals. Among Tamil ladies, there is a practice of putting some 'kannupidi' on the next day of Shankaranthi every year for the welfare of the family of their brothers. Similarly on that day all brothers offering some money or dress to their sisters irrespective of their age and level. Festivals are very happiest moment if celebrated collectively with all relatives. Similar effort is in practice in almost all villages as they are celebrating the village temple festivals by collecting all village people irrespective of rich or poor.

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    There is an old saying " Blood is thicker than. water". Brothers and sisters sometimes might quarrel for petty things. But when any outsider comments badly,the siblings support each other and do not allow others to insult.
    During festivals gifts are exchanged among them and their children. Also,the younger generation learn the values of relationship and the culture is imbibed in their little minds.

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    The face off between brother and sister often happens and that don't spoil the spirit of any festival as they would burry the difference fir the day and display much togetherness baffling many and small tiff are always pardoned from both sides and festivities are great rebounding time.
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    There are some festivals in our culture which are specifically made for the strengthening of the bonding between brother and sister. It is a lovely relationship full of affection and caring. It gives opportunity to them to showcase their feelings for each other. I remember in my childhood when I was living in my village then during this festival we used to visit so many houses in the village and had interaction with our sisters there and at the end of the day we were having a bag full of blessings and love and affection as obtained through those meetings with so many sisters in the village. It was an amazing experience and I still remember the nostalgic memories of that time.
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