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    More Compliments Sets a High Score for You.

    If you are worthy of praise in a particular work, then surely you would like people to praise you when you present the work and we should do the same for others. But sometimes the situation becomes a bit difficult when you are going to present your work to someone new and other people praise you, then a high score is automatically set for you. Sometimes we also get nervous and this time the pressure to do better work also increases. Although our art grows with experience in
    a particular work, at the same time we cannot deny that more praise motivates you to do better every time.
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    That will be a motivation always. When somebody appreciates your works you will be more enthusiastic and try to do much better. At the same time while appreciating others we should not forget to caution them in the areas where they have to improve. We all should not take the compliments of others to our heads and should not become complacent. If we do that, that will be the beginning of our downfall.
    Some people try to flatter others too much. That is also not a correct trait. We should tell what is good and what is bad. Then only people will try to improve their skills. As an Individual, we should also know our limitations and weak points. Once we know where we have to improve we will definitely work in that direction and see that we will be good in our work.

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    It is the fact that more praise and complements does motivate a performer to do even further better. But a performer who is already achieved the zenith of recognition, further need not try and put the mind to more use. Those who are consistent in their approach and results need not worry at all as their work speaks the volume and they need not expect any praise to improve the position. But normally when a person scores less mark in one subject and superlative performance in all subjects, then the pressure to improve upon the lost subject is must and setting a high score is essential also to keep the tempo of good performance. But a word of praise for every small achievement would go a long way to improve the positions from super to superlative levels. One should not get carried away with fake appreciation which is dangerous.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When someone performs some activity or show his/her talent which receives applaud from people always brings big pressure on the performer. It happens with public figures who have their names in any art or talent such as dancing, singing, mimicry, acting etc. A performer has burden to show his talent in best ways which captivate audiences and makes them applaud him/her.
    Pakistani artists Ali Hasan and Irfan Malik are famous for their stand up comedy. About a decade ago when they were performing in India on big stages. They were invited by a school in our town to perform their talent. Although they had performed before movie celebrities and elite class also yet they were under tremendous pressure before performing common people of a small town. I saw them on back stage praying with folded hands to God and raising their eyes upwards while jaunting here and there.
    The author is right when someone performs such activity he/she will have to perform with perfection.

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