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    I am frightened in handling or mingling with such people

    Some people do activities in haste and accusing others for the reaction. A neighbor of mine got a portion to let the same for rent. He was full of tension as no person is coming as tenant. I told him that month became an inauspicious somebody would come later. More over due to Corona effect, many find jobless, it was difficult to shift the materials etc., He was telling all people he saw to fetch good people for rent. One day a known person to him brought a family and on discussion of everything they agreed to let the house for rent. During that discussion I was not there as I was in out of station. Later on my return he told me that he got a tenant for his portion. As he used to share the things he told me. Last month he told me with much worry as the tenant did not pay the rent. It is heard that the tenant was a freelancer cook, he could not get marriage contract etc., and assured him to pay the rent at the earliest. Five days back I heard a tension voice from his house that he shouting at him that many other people are coming to the house with some bundles. He, the tenant explained him that he was taken a deepavali sweet making order and after finishing the order he would get some money. But this house owner person shouted as anything that he should not cook or prepare sweets in his house as it was not in contract. He told that he mentioned in the agreement itself that his occupation was as catering.
    Finally house owner gave notice to him to vacate the house before this month end.
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    The house owner should be very careful in choosing the tenants and have to collect all the details well before their entry. The owner must explain the clear terms on which they are giving the house for rent. An agreement should be written on paper with all terms and conditions and should be duly signed by both parties. The owner must collect the copies of Aadhar and PAN cards of tenants. A minimum of two months advance of rent should be taken and it will seal the tenant to cheat the owner.

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    There are people who make unnecessary issues even where there is no chance for issues. Some people easily get tense and make others get tense. They are anxious and they try to make others anxious. Dealing with such people is very difficult and it is better to be away from such people always.
    In our area, there is a landlord. He gives a portion of his house on rent. But he will never allow them to settle in the house and no family stayed in that portion for more than a year. For the last two years, the same portion was vacant only.

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    I think that the neighbour of the author is a confused person. As a landowner he should understand this matter that he is getting money from his tenant. Once he has given his home or place on rent the tenant can use his space as per his wish. Landlord has no right to interfere into personal matter of his tenant. If he has his own untold conditions then his tenat is not compelled to abide by his whims. I think he should not offer his space on rent.
    In this thread the tenant is a cook and he is entitled to do that suits his profession.

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    When we give a portion of our house on rent then sometimes these confusions prevail because we had not made it clear in the beginning itself whether the house was given for residential purposes or business activity. It is true that some business activities are a continuous source of disturbance and the house owner would not like any such nuisance to be created by the tenant. In the particular case narrated by the author the conflict was created because of that sort of misunderstanding. It is necessary to chalk out and agree the condition of the contract for letting the house beforehand and one should be particular in that respect.
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    Tenancy act is more complicated as everything must be discussed and appended in the agreement signed by both the parties. In this case the tenant is a cook and obviously his activities are surrounded around cooking only. Having no cooking work he accepted preparing the Deepavali sweets which is fetching contract. Unfortunately the owner picked up quarrel and ended up to give notice for vacating the premises. Here I find the fault with the owner who was desperate to have tenant as no one was accepting his house for rent And having accepted the tenant who is cook by profession the owner must give him space and allow to do the work which he has not agreed, The face of between the two was obvious as pre- conditions were not mentioned and discussed in this regard and only good sense between the two must prevail.
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    One should check all these things before handing over a big thing like a house portion to someone even if it is for a short time especially if the person is not of adjusting nature.
    There are a lot of cases of conflict between tenants and landowners which have reached court, so one should choose carefully whom to rent the house and make sure all the things beforehand what is allowed and what is not.

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    Though there are chances of cordial talks between the owner and tenants prior to allowing a tenant for the portion of some part but once the deal is finalised, the relationship between the two becomes soured. During the present time, we cannot behave in the similar fashion as the duo enjoyed the privileges in the past.
    In the present time, there is no verbal deal but needs to logged down in an agreement paper consisting of particular duration where in all the terms and conditions are to incorporated clearly so that no unpleasantness develops during the stay of the tenant. Drafting of the agreement must be clear enough so that there is no room for any ambiguity in the eyes of laws.

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    One should not lose focus when taking decisions. For everything there can be two or more views. When we have to take decisions on important matters it is always better to be not in haste, but s the matter from various angles. If one is not experienced in that matter it is also better to take help of experienced well wishers and friends.

    The proverb" Act in haste and repent in leisure " is meant for such people like your neighbour. Even now he can be realistic and practical.

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    The landlord should always keep someone with caution and trust someone only after collecting all the related information. There are many cases when the tenants keep postponing for months and do not pay the rent until the end. There are many contracts or legal ways to apply while giving the house on rent, one should know about it. House rent is their income for a person, on which many times the whole family depends, so no such step should be taken in haste so that later you will get such result which will increase your problem instead of reducing it.

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