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    Sparkle your skills and boost your career

    This festive season, we can work on our skills and grow our career to a new level. In the outside world, our skills are the only thing that judge our success level. Now, sparkling our skills has become easier than earlier due to availability of huge number of online platforms. So, why not sparkle our skills in this sparkling festive season.

    This is an entry to the TOW contest 'sparkle'.
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    There was another thread in the forum which also said about the need of polishing our skills for development.
    In this thread the author states about the easy availability of online platforms to enable polishing and shining of our skills.

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    Today we are living in a world of technical advancement where in addition to the academic knowledge we must should have skills in our kitty if we really want to make progress and achieve success in our career. There are so many tools and applications available which make our lives comfortable in discharging our duties and it makes sense to learn them for adding skills to our already existing capabilities. The business arena is becoming more and more competitive with time and only the people having latest techniques and methods will emerge as winner in this environment.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The author has touched a new way of life to enhance our skills through the online available platforms as we have every chance to boost the career and need not sit for the opportunities to knock our door. Now the internet has been spanned to greater information galore on every need to do every deed and those who are having some skills can always improve upon adding the feed from the online portals and thus there is no dearth for career prospects. There is a good saying in Tamil that " Vallavanukku pullum oru ayudham " that means for a courageous person even a grass can be a war material to fight. That is the essence of our living as we often tend to underestimate our own skills unless and until pointed out by others. This entry is though short, the author has pitched in great thinking ability in the minds of the readers.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    The author emphasis on skill development and according to him this is a festive season to improve our skills. I think skills can not be improved in a short period of time. It requires a long time to devote oneself to get it improved.

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    We have to acquire new skills and use them in discharging our duties properly and to the satisfaction of our bosses. Then we will sparkle in our career. We may be acquiring skills but as time passes, there may be many changes and the skills we have may get outdated. So we should polish our skills as many times as possible and should obtain new skills which will help a lot in getting appreciation and sparkle. We might have performed very well but you can't be in that glory for long. You should renew your good performance to sparkle always.
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    This is absolutely correctly said by the author, skills are very required to boost our career. Today's competitive world is full of talented people, even confident people. When we do any specific work we definitely pursue some skills but for great success, we should enhance our skills on top-level so that we can stand ourselves at a certain place. Until we will not boost our required skills we may not get what we actually deserve.

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