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    Are you facing the irritation of advertisements while you are reading forum responses?

    Advertisements are common on any kind of websites or social platforms. We find them ok if they don't irritate us with our work. But in ISC first forum response is always covered with an advertisement. You can't cancel it but if we press it it will take us to the details of the advertisement. Even if we press back to the thread, the same adv. reappears. Is there any way to prevent this advertisement? The response may be very interesting and we can't read it. The ISC management has to do something with it. Secondly while you are typing the matter in the space an advertisement appears and block us in typing. But you can cancel it and it somewhat causes irritation. Another thing is, sometimes the hyperlinks are given or the edit button when pressed can't open on mobile platforms. But they can be opened on a laptop or PC. Are facing these similar problems and how you are overcoming these problems?
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    This problem is high when we open the site on our smartphones. Even though we cancel the advertisement it will not go and the blank white side is remaining there. But when we open this on Laptop or On tablet we are not facing this problem.
    I accept that advertisements are very important for revenue generation But it should not cause inconvenience to the users. The chances of viewership coming down are more if these advertisements continue to disturb them. All these issues are well known to the site managers and they may be trying to take some corrective actions regarding this issue.

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    Yes. It is a nuisance to the readers to see unwanted ads popping up in the forum. It blocks the view. I find it difficult to read the thread posts and responses. ISC should do something to minimize the ads appearing in the forum section. Ads should be placed in such a way that it doesn't hamper the readers.
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    This problem persists for a long time and it is so irritating to see ads especially when you read comments from members. I am facing this problem frequently when I read the member's comment. Ads should not stop members from reading the posts and it is not good.

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    We can view the advertisements off and on but so long as it does not interfere with our writings, it is O.K. However, it may reappear once we go through the responses posted by other members indicating that frequency of disturbance multiples with our non activities other than viewing the posting of others. It is understandable that site allows such advertisements to appear for the revenue generation of their sites. Hence they,too, are helpless to some extent in this issue.

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    Advertisements are all over there whether it is a laptop or mobile or any device and they create a lot of problem and block us for writing or reading and all those activities and many times we have to write separately in a note pad and then paste it from there to the forum post. The problem is the advertisement only but they are essential part of this business model where the earnings of a site only come from them. So they are very important for our survival and earnings that members, editors, and owners make from it. Even if a person does not click on an advertisement or reads the details about it our subconscious mind registers it in some way and with that the intention of the advertiser is completed as he had been successful in imprinting the name of the company or product in our subconscious mind.
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    Yes it is the greatest menace when you are browsing the site through cell phone. The ads appear in tandem and does not allow the content to be read or noted. But there is a way out and you can cancel the add. Just slide the ad to your left and cross mark appears on the right top of the ad and if you press the same the ad will disappear. But care must be taken that instead of pressing the cross mark, you may end up pressing the ad itself. Surely it is hindrance for the cell phone users. Whereas there is no such botheration while doing the work on the desk tops as the ads wont disturb the writing or content area. I think the cell phone space makes the add to occupy the prime positions and we have to slide them little to the left to get rid of ads. Members can do this to avoid the ads and report their actions here.
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    Advertisements are always a nuisance and disturbance. They interfere in the smooth continuity of enjoyment. But we just cannot avoid them absolutely. That is the source of income of many modern business including the media. After all, ISC revenue(and therefore our own CC comes from those advertisements).

    As mentioned in the pervious responses, the issue is more in the case of using mobile phones. I use desktop generally and the issue is lesser and more manageable. However sometimes just for reading forum posts I use my phone. There good part of responses are hidden by advertisement. That becomes a dampener.

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    I agree with the author fully. While don't have any number of advertising while using the site on my laptop as they are easily avoidable. But when it comes to smartphones it is quite irritating because I can't easily write one advertise keep coming to the place where I am writing. So I have altogether stopped writing while using my phone and I just use it while checking new things on ISC and prefer a laptop if I want to comment on something on ISC.
    It is a nuisance when it comes to using it on smartphones.

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    This is true many times these ads make us irritating when we really want to do our work and these ads are frequently disturbing us. Initially, they were few but for a long time, there are many ads displayed on the forum sections. I think one of its solutions will be ads blocker extension. Ads are one of the biggest sources of erasing also for any website so definitely, we may not restrict them permanently but also agree with the author that ISC should work on it.

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