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    When the child’s eyes sparkle it makes the whole place bright

    Many of us would have lighted sparklers in the latest Diwali spraying light and warmth around. I am going to write about a real sparkle which lights human minds around.

    Have you ever seen a child's eye sparkle on occasions? You can se stars sparkle in a child's eyes and it simply goes 'viral' and lights up all good adults around. That sparkle is simply 'infectious'. Hose who get to sees such sparkle more are blessed.

    Every child is born innocent. With clean and pure mind and body. It has only the finest basic human sentiments like affection, kindness empathy etc. That is why in our Indian tradition we consider and treat children akin to gods and infant Lord Krishna is revered.
    Unlike adults who are attracted and enamoured by costly gadgets and possessions, children become happy with small toys, playing friends and touching still smaller infants and fondling baby animals. They want and happy in little little things. As the film song goes 'Chinna chinna Aasai'
    Next time just watch and understand when the real sparkle comes in a child's eyes-Is it when they get a candy, a new dress in their birthday, a new pencil, pen, crayon, etc. -it varies from person to person, time to time.

    But the most wide eyed sparkle I have seen in a child is when its parents, especially the mother coms back after being away for some time and hugs it. Recall from your own experience.

    By our empathy, kindness and good deeds let us bring out real sparklers everyday around us.

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    The author has aptly described this beautiful part of life to be near the small kids and infants and having that joy. The sparkle that a kid's or infant's smile has that brings sparkle to the viewer as well. The kind of energy that young kids and infants bring into the room can not be found anywhere, the innocence they have and their behaviour like a clean slate ever reading to learn, their curious eyes constantly searching for answers to be around such positivity is one of the joy everyone should have.
    If one is too tense in life and goes near such kids all the tensions and problems for that time being vanishes and that person too become like a kid, enjoying the moment and having some kind of innocence and sparkle as well.

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    The author has hit upon the right chord and brought in the apt content connecting to the tow topic and probably the winning entry. It is the fact that children bring wholesome happiness to the family and the grand parents are always overwhelmed and enjoy each and every moment of child as he or she grow up. The sparkle of innocence even smiling at the enemy can only be possible through the eyes of a child because a child does not know who is good or bad. But over the period of time a child can gauge the real loving person and pours more affection and liking for them. Even small infants of months old can get alerted as to how they are handled while lifting and thus children are great observers from the beginning. And no body knows a child better than the mother because she was the witness to every new happening of the child growth.
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    It is true and yesterday night only I experienced the same. Yesterday evening there were two important functions we have to attend. My elder son and his elder daughter of 4 years of age came with us for a function. My elder daughter in law and their second daughter attended the other function. My granddaughter started asking about her mother after an hour or so. Somehow my son was trying to engage her so that she will not ask about her mother. Some he managed and while coming back at 10 PM we picked up my elder daughter in law and the sparkle that appeared in the eyes of my granddaughter immediately after seeing her mother can't be explained. They should be visualised only. The kids are really innocent and they will never have any bad intentions in their mind and they will be very happy for even very small gestures from others.
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    Children are the loveable and affectionate ones i our house and everyone sees towards them, their gestures, and even their cries and exclamations. They are a source of great happiness to all of us and everyone would be busy with them in one way or other. Children do not keep their eyes at one place and generally they would be seeing in all the direction very quickly and dynamically and it is difficult to know whether they have really seen us and taken a note of our presence. But when we make some sounds which are generally liked by the children then only they might stare us with those sparkling in their eyes and smile on their mouths as if they recognised us completely. Children are like that only.
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