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    What monumental Indian sites you know may get a chance of included in UNESCO World heritage sites?

    India is a country with rich culture and traditions. India is ruled by so many kings and rulers belonging to various religions through foreign invasion or by the people of our own soil. These people created innovative monumental constructions with unparallel architectural beauty. UNESCO is an organization that identifies such ancient monumental sites and gives recognition to them. This organization helps economically these monumental sites for their development and protection. This recognition of UNESCO helps these monumental sites to grow as tourism centers. Recently 13th-century Ramappa Temple situated in Palampet of Telangana was recognized as an engineering marvel Kakatiya dynasty. In AP state there are five important locations of ancient times that may be recognized as the prestigious UNESCO heritage sites. They are Lepakshi Temple in Anantapur, Gandikota Canyon and Fort, Belum Caves, Guntupalli Buddhist Site, and Buddhist monuments of Salihundam. Actually, these sites were recognized by the AP government and are sending this list to the Center to be promoted for this recognition. What do you think the criteria looked on by UNESCO to recognize heritage sites. Members try to list your well known monumental sites in your regions that may have a chance for recognition as UNESCO world heritage sites.
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    There are many beautiful and enchanting sites in Telangana which has the chance to be world heritage site that can be recognized by UNESCO. For example the historical Ekasila Nagaram welcome arch is the iconic structure situated at Warangal. And who can forget the famous Ramappa temple built during 1213 AD and still looks great and enchanting in Warangal. Telangana known for famed temples of those time and Sangameshwara temple situated at Alampur in Mahboobnagar. This is oldest temple of 7th to 16th centuries. The famous Khammam fort with ancient Narasimha Swamy temple can also be in the list. Who can forget the Sri Ramsagar project having constructed across the Godavari in Nizambad district as has all beauty to be considered as modern attraction of heritage site. And Rama temple near Hyderabad -Shamshabad which is famous for film shootings can also be included in Heritage sites.
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    UNESCO has come out with a list of ten points out of which at least one should be fulfilled to consider any monument in its recognition as a world heritage Centre. These criteria will be changing from time to time. In the State of Andhra Pradesh, in East Godavari Dt, there is a place called Ryali where there is a very old temple called Jagnmohana chenna Kesava Swamy. The speciality of this idol is the front side of the idol depicts the Vishnu avatar and the backside depicts the avatar of Jaganmohini who distributed amruta to devatas which were obtained from Pala Samudra. Water will be coming out from the feet of the idol round the clock,
    This temple can be considered under the criterion "to be an outstanding example of a type of building, architectural or technological ensemble or landscape which illustrates (a) significant stage(s) in human history"
    I don't know whether it is already recognised or is there in the list submitted by the government of AP.

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