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    Be your own sparkle in life

    In this world, everyone is different and have some unique features which add sparkles to life. Everyone has their own priorities and choose the task according to that and their capabilities. When anyone sets his own priorities in life then only he/she can understand the uncertainty of life. These life goals may be subjective or objective but it is also true that life is also full of ups and downs. If you feel that things are losing sparkles this means that it is time to change your perception and need to look at things again. In fact, in our life we can feel sparkle everywhere around us like in nature, rains add sparkles. After a rain, sunlight adds sparkles and a little sunlight with the rain when making rainbow further add sparkles. Actually, each day starts with a sparkle.

    Though it is not very easy to do every task but not very difficult too. It is also not right to blame yourself for everything that goes wrong. What you need is to believe in yourself. And when you believe in yourself, you can do everything. It is a fact that everyone has some hidden sparkles, which are true and pure. They will definitely shine but it is needed to bring them out. So, leave worry, be strong and fill your life with powerful beliefs to shine like a sparkle.

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    Nice attempt by the author through this write up and it is the fact in the changing scenario of life, we must change our perceptions to move to a new order to bring in lost sparkles of life. Forgetting the setbacks and bad moments we have to lift ourselves to the new order because by thinking what ever has happened in the past cannot change our present life and therefore move on to the new beginning that is full of new excitement and growth for sure. The change over may not be easy for many, but a try can always be made, because each one of us seek the difference and the life should be enjoyable with excitement We are the own decider of our life and we have immense talent to showcase the change over immediately on noticing there is dearth for it and thus others would also be noticing our smooth transformation for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Dear Dr. Deepali,
    Your definition of "SPARKLE" is unique. As the name itself is self-explanatory,the bright light it sheds is significant. In order to enhance our self esteem we should respect ourselves first
    for which we need to look present and wear decent clotes and accessories.

    We should not brood over the downtime which we had so sorrowfully faced and never turn the pages of pain and look presentable and look forward for happiness.

    Time is the best healer and it will heal the pain slowly and steadily

    Thanks for the useful post through which I have benefited

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    It is true that our own actions will make us sparkle in our lives. Nobody will come and make you shine like a star in the sky. Your own worth, abilities and desires will only make you come up in your life. Of course, we may ask for some help from others when needed but it is true that unless otherwise, you ask, nobody will help you. So it is you, who will make you sparkle or not. Of course, we feel destiny may have its role, But we should have self-confidence and go forward to make good deeds and sparkle in our lives.
    always confident

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    Identifying ones inner strength and then bring sparkle in ones life is not an easy thing but with continued efforts and serious thinking one could get success in this rejuvenation of oneself. Many people seek help from outside and support from the friends and relatives but then it becomes depending on others which is not a good thing. One should be on ones own feet and should not depend on others especially for small things. The real sparkle in ones life comes when the hard work and efforts culminate in meeting the objectives and person reaches ones goal in a successful manner.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Every engine needs a spark to start. In our festivals like Diwali w had experience of using a lighted sparkler to light other fireworks. But in real-life we may not find ready lit sparklers to boost our energy or even a starting thrust.
    It is here that we all need a self motivation.
    It is this self motivation that the author of this thread says by the title itself: "Be your own sparkle in life".
    Yes if we do not get the right sparkle from outside, we have to be our own sparkle- motivating and thrusting ourselves.

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    To add sparkle in difficult moments, one has to be enthusiastic. If enthusiasm is not there, life will be like a routine task and boring too. Things will be difficult and as mentioned in the thread there will be ups and downs but one has to find the way out and that's where sparkle is required. The sparkle at the right moment will give you the necessary push which is required to alter any situation. If people do not succeed at the first attempt many keep on brooding rather than analyzing the causes of becoming unsuccessful. Meeting a lively and enthusiastic person, reading a book or watching anything motivational can add the required sparkle to go ahead. If such things are not available one has to add sparkle by modifying the thought process and that's what will help to make the required changes.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    The author is absolutely right, and the thread presentation is fantastic which is commendable. One thing that we have learned is when we are happy from the inner world we can see the world happy too and when we are unhappy or upset, we found everything around us is useless and there is nothing that can make us happy. So it's simple to mean is this what you are from the inner side is the Most Important and we should keep the focus on our own sparkles that create a spring life within us and we can able to spread this sparkling into others life too.

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    What I feel that giving respect to others should be our topmost priority but it does not mean that we should forget our own dignity while showing our courtesy to others. We must try our best to exhibit our inner traits to the people so that our true potential is revealed providing our sparkling personality. We should not be humiliated with any negative remarks hurled by others. Let there be positivity in our approach and we should sparkle with our positive attributes.

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