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    Do you know about the existence of vegetarian crocodile ?

    This is very strange and yet happening daily. The vegetarian crocodile which is almost 61 years old, and lives in the pond of Padmanabha Swamy temple at Anantapur in Kerala is the rare reptile because, we know the crocodiles are the best hunters and they would feast on other animals and fish. But this crocodile named Babiya is unique in the sense as it accepts the rice with jaggery or the Sakkara Pongal offered as Prasad to the lord and eat it happily and surviving ever since. Truly there is a divine following for this rare crocodile of God's own country.
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    Mohan, Is there a city called Anantapur in Kerala. I know Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh. But not about such a place in Kerala. I know there is a temple of Anantapadbhanabha Swamy temple in Tiruvanatapuram. Kerala. The temple you are mentioning in your post is the same or it is a different temple in a different place. I had been to Anatapadmanabha Swamy temple. But I have not heard about this crocodile. I have a confusion. Can you please clarify?
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    I had seen this report in WhatsApp and elsewhere sometime back.
    It is in Northern Kasaragod district of Kerala-(not the famous Padmanabhaswamy temple of Thiruvanathapuram.)

    The crocodile is fed the 'Nivedyam'(prasad) from the temple and so naturally it is only vegetarian.

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    Actually, that crocodile named 'Babiya' is from Sri Ananthapadmanabha Swamy Lake Temple in a little village of Ananthapura in Kerala, located in district of Kasaragod. As discussed earlier, this reptile eats only rice and jaggery being served as a prasad at the temple premises. The age of this crocodile is around 60 years.
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    Yes, I have seen a documentary regarding this crocodile and it was interesting at that time as well. Because of such a thing, it is a kind of miracle, mystery and hence a subject of faith for people and has been popularised too. It is definitely an interesting fact.
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    I did not know about any such crocodile before this, so I like to thank the author for sharing it. One this is cleared through this example is that when any creature lives in a certain environment it adopt and behaves accordingly. And norms and values also affect them in the same way as they affect us.

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    I also never heard about this temple and this village. It is information for me. I convey my sincere thanks to the authors for this new information through his thread.
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