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    Fit bands or traditional watches what is your choice?

    I am very fond of wearing watches but especially if it is some kind of gadget, I am not much interested in traditional kind of analogue watches but with the watches with more and more features.
    When it comes to technology, it tries to survive in any manner possible with scientists and companies using their brains and money behind their survival.
    As every obsolete technology is replaced by new. In this series comes the fit band, since the coming of smart phones watches, cameras, walkmans and to some extent television is getting replaced.
    So watch manufacturers came with the idea of making even these watches smart.
    Today analogue watches are just used as accessories in traditional wear or in any function to match with the dress and not as a utility, but smartwatches are good in terms of both as an accessory with your dress as well as a utility.
    Do you think the analogue watch has become obsolete and is seen only in the hands of people who wear it out of habit as my father does? or it still has some significance.
    And what is your choice here what do you prefer if given choice between the two and why?
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    I started wearing watch only from my college days.

    Those times the only Indian brand was HMT. Other popular watches were of Swiss make.
    The first one was a small one like a lady's watch. So I discontinued it very soon. Then I was gifted a Favre-Leuba watch by my uncle. I continued to wear it for many years. After a few years of getting a job I purchased a Titan watch (gold colour) which was becoming popular and modern brand. I lost it after a few years. As I did not want my people to know that I lost the Titan watch I immediately bought another watch which was exactly looking similar to the Titan watch. That watch was used for some years and then it became unfeasible for repair and I discontinued wearing watches; because mobile phones became popular. Then I was presented a Citizen Quarts gold colour watch by my employer on my completion of 25 years service. I am still using that watch for the past nearly fifteen years.

    Having a mobile phone always with me, I usually do not wear a watch except for some rare occasions.

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    I would pick smart band instead of traditional watches as now a days, time is not just enough. Along with time, if I can get info regarding my footsteps, heartbeat, etc. then it would be additional benefits for me. As smart bands is now evolving rapidly and we are seeing better versions in every consecutive years, so we might see some new features being implemented in it.
    With regards,
    "Time & Tides waits for none"

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    I am trying to remember when was the last time I used a wristwatch! I think it's a preference and since analogue wristwatches are available they cannot be termed obsolete. Using a fit band may help one to monitor different body parameters but are you not constantly under the watch of an instrument if you do not need the monitoring? There will be various technologies and they will be updated regularly but one has to choose which one to use. I always prefer to use any kind of technology that will enhance the experience of life but do not use it compulsively. As I do not wear wristwatches now I will wear a fit band if required.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    For that matter I stopped wearing watch on the wrist at the advent of smart phones or mobile phones as the time is very much updated through the gadgets and no need for the watch felt. However I have seen many people are wearing the wrist watch and there are so many range and varieties. The youth are opting for smart watches with features like walk counts, calories counts, time and other details. Whereas the older generation are preferring watches with time and looks. What kind of watch wanted depends on the persons and their need of wearing the same. One more thing I want to share here, if you happen to wear the watch, wear it on the right hand and not the left hand as many does. Because time is the essence of life and we must utilize the same positively and the right hand is the positive way to move and achieve.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I got my first watch in 10th standard and from that time I am fond of wearing watches. I prefer traditional watches as they give me a different feel, as my first watch was gifted by my father on my birthday, so when I use any traditional watch it reminds me of that watch, which I have missed, unfortunately. As far as smartwatches are concerned, so as I informed I am a watch lover and my family too know this so they often gift me watches and I have one smartwatch gifted by my brother, I like it too.

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    Hi Neelam,
    First,I congratulate you for winning the Snap Story contest. In fact, even Sun was looking forward for a tough competition from both of us. But somehow as I have come to my sister's house in Mumbai ,I was busy and somehow skipped it. Now, let me discuss about my choice for my collection of watches. I usually buy only branded ones. It is Titan. I had purchased the one which I have been using for more than four years from Pantaloons showroom from,Manthri mall, Bengaluru. It is working very well. I wear it whenever I go out of my house. Earlier,I used to buy HMT watches manufactured in Bangalore. But those are not working now.

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    I used many types of wristwatches so far in my life. Once I used a fit band also for some time. Later on, I stopped using either of them. Presently I am not using any type of watch. I see my mobile for knowing the time. When I get up in the night also I will see time on my mobile only.
    Many people these days are not using wristwatches. Fit bands are becoming popular and we see them on the wrists of many youths these days. Probably it will become more popular in the coming days.
    Still. some very old-timers may be using analogue wristwatches. My father still uses one such watch. He daily wears it in the morning and removes it before he goes to bed and will keep the same by the side of his bed. During my last trip to my native place, he asked me to get the chain changed for his watch. I got it done and as of now, he is using the same.

    always confident

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    Due to the availability of mobile phone with each and every individual the need for conventional watches have gone down drastically. Only those people who are concious of apparels and such things have concern about wearing a watch so that it gives good impact on other people.
    So slowly the watch is going out of the use and only those people who are still using a watch for fashion statement, it is required.

    Knowledge is power.

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