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    Which is your favourite book by William Shakespeare?

    Some critics of the great writer say that he was a deer poacher and was caught by the police and fined while others contradict it. Whatever be his past, one can't deny his great ability to write such masterpieces which are admired even by millions born in this modern era of advanced technology.

    William Shakespeare wrote several dramas, tragedies such as Hamlet where the protagonist Hamlet is always in two minds while taking decisions and mutters to his inner voice ' to be or not to be? William Shakespeare also wrote King Lear and Macbeth, in which lady Macbeth after pestering Macbeth to kill the king so that he would be crowned by the ministers as he was popular among them removes the dagger herself when blood gets smeared in her palms. Later on, she imagines blood oozing out of her palms and says that even the entire water from the ocean can't wash her blood-stained hands. On the flip side, the comedies such as Merchant of Venice, As you like it etc are not to be left out.

    Which one is your favourite creation by this great writer? Please post.

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    It is the fact that one gets overwhelmed and even think that much has been read and more knowledge acquired when the writings of Shakespeare are followed and understood. The essence of this great personality is very great that he not only taught what is about ourselves and the great values of humanity and in the process he has improved the English literature to much extent as more than 1700 words were introduced to the avid readers across the globe. His greatest contribution to the literacy can be gauged with his ability to often change the grammatical behavior of verbs and adjectives connecting to the original ones. That is the reason being so he has the following of great readers and writers across the world and for ordinary citizens his writings and books may not be understood with first read for sure.
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    Shakespeare was a great literary figure. There are very few like him who have got such wide spread global accolades and presence in the world of literature. When we talk of Shakespeare then many other names also come in our minds like Charles Dickens, Munshi Premchand, Ravindranath Tagore, Tolstoy, Gorky, and many similar other literary figures. Shakespeare is unique among them in the sense that most of his works were converted in theatre world and the dramas which were presented to the public became immensely popular and the shows continued for years and years in some of the locations. In European countries in many schools and colleges, students repeated those dramas during their annual functions and Shakespeare became a household name within no time. Though there are many good works that Shakespeare had created but one that I like most is 'The merchant of Venice'.
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    Mr. Mohan and Mr. Umesh . Thank you for conveying your choice to me. I also like The Merchant Of Venice . Portia's character is depicted wonderfully by the dramatist

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    I have not read any book of Shaksphere completely. I read some sections during my education times. from his "Romeo and Juliet," "A Midsummer Night's Dream," "Hamlet," etc. Even though he died in his 52nd year, his works will be there permanently on this earth.
    When I was in my Intermediate my English lecturer used to tell us about this great writer. He used to say many of the words Shaskpere created in English became very common and is used by many persons. I like Romeo and Juliet play very much.

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    It will be an injustice to the great poet and dramatist by just naming one or two of his creations as my favourite. There is a long list, or I should say that his every work has something different to offer to his readers on which ample discussions can come up. I like Twelfth Night, Hamlet, Othello, As you like it, etc.

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