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    Difference between family party and party by all

    While we take credit of India being the big democracy and the government is chosen by the people, for the people and of the people, the political system in India be it a regional or some national party, the family which created the same were deeply involved in decision making where as there are some parties which thrives on their great organizational rules and procedures through which no family rule can be imposed and the party runs on ideals and principles. So next time you vote kindly analyze this and then cast your valuable vote
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    You have posted a controversial threadd. I think the right to express personal views over political thinking is the exclusive right of politicians. So many of us do not make such comments in public, because of shame, hatred, or fear. In our society, there are still 50% of voters who decide when to vote and who to vote for. That is why you will see the deeds of the greedy political party workers a couple of days before the polls. So many citizens of this country are ignorant about the functioning of the democratic system in voting. So educate first and then see where the country goes.
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    I have heard about regional parties and national parties but I am yet to hear about family parties. Can the author make his thought, which sounds absurd, more clear? And voting is after all an individual right and decision.
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    There are political parties in India in which persons from the family of the founder of the party will have a very good influence. Many of the regional parties we see are like that. In Telangana, the TRS party is in ruling now. This party is founded by KCR and he is the president of the party, his son is the working president and his relatives are in very important positions within the party. KCR is the Chief Minister. His son, his sister's son are in important ministerial positions in the ministry. Similarly, TDP is founded by NTR and his son in law as his successor. Now Naidu's son is in the second position in that party. Probably the author may be referring to political parties like TDP and TRS.
    Anyhow, the individual voter may have his own way of selecting a candidate from the contesting candidates to vote. Some people may not find anything wrong with such parties also.

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    Dr Rao, I got the point but my query is whether we officially have family parties. My suggestion was to bring in more clarity while dealing with such serious topics.
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    The core subject Mohan has touched, though justifiable many ways, had always baffled me.
    I used to fail to understand the psychology of our people.

    We had discontinued the rule system of Royal Kings and princes, just by inheritance. It was for bringing people's participation and will in the rule that w brought the representative democratic system of elections. But what we get to see is many more new kings, prnces and princesses who get to top party p[positions and hence in ruling positions just by inheritance, but by giving a stamp of democracy to that.

    I am not sure how many 'democratic' political parties in our country can really claim inner party democracy? Are not the many positions in many parties just nominated or appointed by those already at the helm of affairs? And by that i effect party becomes a family controlled or family centric party, though the leaders nor the followers will not admit it openly.

    It has become a trend that when some elected member dies ,the party choses the immediate relative of the deceased member for the by-election for that post. When a senior party leader becomes old or sick he/she ensures that his own/her own family member(spouse, son, daughter, DIL, SIL ,brother etc.) get that post. Thus it is quite common to se members of same family in the same cabinet, same legislature or Parliament house, and in the same party.

    If someone makes an honest list of 'political who is who' about the people in legislatures, parliament houses, heads of corporations and boards, we will be wonderstruck seeing that these will be controlled by the few families that control the relevant political parties too.
    Though no one dares to say openly, we will be right if we doubt certain parties as family fiefdom by backdoor- and such parties are only increasing. No party is a total exception to that-only the degree and percentage varies.

    One can get a small idea by referring to Wikipedia article 'Political families in India'.

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    Here I am talking about some political parties who are having complete control of the affairs on their hand and no outsider has the say to influence them.
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    We all had seen that if there is a political party where a particular family has the full control then the leader of the party tries and sees that only the family member should be the next leader and no one from outside should be elected. This has happened so many times and unfortunately the public or the followers accepted it happily. It has also happened in the film industry where the children of the super stars chose a career in film industry and many of them also became successful like their parents. So the underlying idea is same that if we have a control on something then try to bring the family member only in that position until due to unavoidable reasons it becomes necessary to induct a person from outside. Whether call it nepotism or favouritism it is very well existing in the political arena and the voters are taking it very lightly and do not bother for the candidate and just bow to those influential families.
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    Nepotism is an important and beloved issue in all parties. Almost all parties follow this trend. However, it does not look unjustified if a son or daughter or any relative of any veteran leader has quality to become a good leader then what is wrong if he/she comes in politics too.
    I think I have discussed similar threads in past also and the author himself raised a similar thread in which he directly blamed congress party for espousing nepotism but now this thread is a kind of innuendo as an conspicuous expression of his political views.

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    If we go through this issue in details then we will find out that there are some influential families where politics has become their family business or family profession like a shop where the children of the shopkeeper take over the shop and run it later in their lives. But there is a difference between running a shop and running a country. The person running a country should be capable and able for that position and not just by merely belonging to a family one is entrusted with that big position. The voters also should understand this crucial fact and should give their precious votes accordingly to the right candidates.
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    Although no party India clearly will come forward that they are family run but everyone here is aware of such parties where the legacy is believed to be passed on to the next generation as if it is a crown.
    While in actuality expecting that the head position of the party will be held by the present minister's son or daughter is such an irony in democracy as if it is a family business. And we have seen several examples of such things are it central parties like congress where the baton was passed on to Rahul Gandhi as people were expecting, be it Uttar Pradesh where the baton was passed down to Akhilesh Singh Yadav, Shiv Sena's Uddhav Thackrey, Bihar's Tej Pratap Yadav and Tejjasvi Yadav.
    These are few example of such things and people like emotional fools are ready to accept such discrepancies in a democratic country. It is not wrong for sons and daughters of political parties to have political ambition but then if they want it to be fulfilled, they should start from scratch as a normal party worker in the party and not expect directly to become head of political parties, superseding many able leaders.
    I am not at all in favour of such politics which has hindered the political ambitions of many young leaders in college politics and who are able to bring real changes. If I don't feel a leader is not able I will never vote for him/her just based on family obligation and affiliation.

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