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    The effect of change of place on our daily routine and thoughts also.

    As we human beings can never stay tied in one place i.e. for work or because of entertainment or social obligations we move. When we go to any other place other than our home, which are occasional topics for us. Change of place definitely has an effect on daily activities, but at the same time, we also find their effect in our thoughts. Maybe it's due to the atmosphere of that place or the people living over there anything, could be the reason. Perhaps every place also has its own energy and we feel the effect of that energy in our mind which also affects our thoughts.
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    I agree with the author here, every new place has its own energy and this energy gets multiplied manyfold in accordance with the energy of people residing there.
    Negative people can make a very good peaceful and cheerful place into sad and gloomy whereas positive people can make a gloomy place happier.
    So whenever you visit a place it does have an effect on you and vice versa as well. The more you stay positive and happier mood more the place resonates with your energy as well.
    But still, there are places where any form of negativity just dies down, like if you ever sit at the bed of a river, or a hilltop or a spiritual place. These places kind of kills negative energy within you.

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    What the author said is right. When I was in Cuddalore for a short trip few days back, it was the temple town and obviously all of them are connected with the God and rituals pertaining to the deity. They wake up at 3 am to welcome the God at the threshold of every home by 4 am and that was awesome feeling to watch people praying God at the wee hours. Surely in city the life would be different and time bound. Likewise at Tirumala the whole day and night, the public are on the road and there is no question of rest for the shop vendors or the shoes keepers. Surely we cannot match with their daily routines and they are suppose to serve the public all through the day and all through the year. Even we try to change our habits and preferences when we are in those places because nothing happens as per our schedule.
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    Definitely, there will be an effect of place on every individual. When we are in a familiar place we will be more confident. But when we go to a new place we will be a little nervous till we adjust to the new environment. But the time we take to get adjusted to the new place depends on the environment there.
    Personally, I avoid staying for a longer time in other places where there is no work for me. I travelled a lot but I used to stay for the minimum time required. Even when I go to functions and other events also I will try to finish the programme as early as possible and come back to my house.
    Going to different places and interacting with people of different origins will give us good exposure to various new topics and our knowledge base will increase.

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