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    What is this Issue with IRCTC website?

    Every time I log in it says it is an invalid password, even though it is the same password.
    What is this issue? Has anyone else felt any inconveniences like this while using the IRCTC app on phone?
    And also why does it get logged out by itself, shouldn't there be a feature of saving passwords on your phones like other apps?
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    I have never used an online service via my phone, whether it is purchasing a product or booking a ticket. I always use the laptop only. A larger screen may reduce possible errors, especially typos and accidental clicks. I would also advise you not to save passwords on any device, be it Gmail or IRCTC, or anything else.

    In case you are having problems, check via search engines if there is a problem with the website. You may come across a newsfeed or a general alert by the organization itself about the server/outage problem for a few hours or for that particular day. You could also clear cache and cookies regularly. That has sometimes helped me when I am unable to log in somewhere and there is slow loading of the pages.

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    What I feel that if the internet is down or with poor quality, the IRTCTC site would not work properly and this has happened to my son when he tried to book ticket when the net connection was slow.
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    As per the suggestions of Vandana mam I will try to log in with the laptop if it works.
    I have mostly saved my password everywhere on my personal devices for convenience but I sometimes do feel I shouldn't but ultimately I end up doing it again.
    But I take care not to save passwords on anyone else's device or sites that I feel are not authentic. I agree with the fact saving password everywhere in this era where data is everything can be a little dangerous.

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    IRCTC is a very busy site. The load on the server may be very high. So many times getting logged in is very difficult. Especially during busy hours, we feel this problem. Even though we get connected to it, it may get disconnected immediately. The speed of the internet connection is also very important. I also faced this problem many times. I face this problem on my laptop. I never use a smartphone for opening IRCTC. Many of my friends also experienced this problem during peak hours. Reservation of tickets can be done during some specified times only and we face this problem during that time only.
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    I'll raise a separate thread for members to share some useful advice about necessary precautions with our devices, especially mobile phones.

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    I just saw this thread. In fact I had mentioned about this issue in my response post in this thread by Vandana. That time I had not seen this thread.

    Since last week I had to book train tickets and I was trying through IRCTC website from my desktop. But I consistently faced the problems as mentioned by you. Then I called the IRCTC customer care person. They responded and told me that they had re-set my password and I could login after ten minutes. But again I met with failure. On my contacting again they said this happens sometimes with browsers and asked me to install IRCTC app and book from the app.

    I did so an for one or two times I lost my money as it got debited from my account but IRCTC notified booking failed due to no response from bank. As it was night I did not try further but again tried next day morning by the app. That time it was okay and I got my ticket booked.

    Now, yesterday again I tried with website. It went through all steps and just before going for payment it logged out. It happened in my repeated trials also. So I again tried with the app and it was okay.

    I was thinking that it may be due to my browser ,but as I see you also face problems I suggest you take up with IRCTC and ascertain the real problem. Simultaneously use the IRCTC App for urgent booking.

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    Thank you Venkiteswarsn sir, for sharing this issue I thought I am the only one facing this issue, maybe that's the case with my app only or I did something wrong while logging in but this has happened many a time.
    Although I was able to book the ticket using Paytm with the same id using forgot password option as the new password they allotted me I was able to book the ticket through Paytm.
    But the app did not accept that new password too and I am not able to log in again with the same password and it keeps happening. If that happens again I will definitely raise that issue with the IRCTC help desk.

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