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    Does the dream come really true in life?

    Dreaming is common to almost everyone, we are often dreaming in our sleep. Many happy and many sad events also come in dreams. Many people predict what is going on in their life by listening to the events seen in their dreams. But forget a lot of what you are dreaming about again. So we can't always remember the memory of dreaming. My question is, does the dream come true in real life? Share your experience.
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    What I feel that dreams are nothing but hovering of our thoughts the previous day and night and while going to sleep if we think deep about anything, we reflect the same happenings in the dream. When my daughter has applied for the MBBS seat in ESIC ,there was so many applicants, but I had the dream the previous day that she got the seat and even the Regional manager wishes her best of luck by giving the provisional seat allotment letter. The same thing happened the next day when the call came from Regional office of ESIC about she being selected and take the letter of allotment and visit the medical college and join immediately. That was the real dream come true happening for me. One thing is sure if the dream is reasonable to which we have already made definite moves, the happenings are going to be real.
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    I can't say either yes or no. Some dreams may become and some may not. I will get many dreams which may not have any meaning and appears absurd. Some dreams of mine appear very realistic and may become real also.
    I get dreams about my past. I will appear in the dream as a small boy that means it is during my childhood. But that might not have happened in my childhood. Some may be about my future. I don't whether they will be real or not. I think the same will be the case with many people. There is a belief in many people that the dreams which we will generally in the morning before Sunrise will become true. But I have no such things happened so far in my life.

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    Dreams are the results of our excess thinking in that direction. We may not express the same before the public but whenever we have the time we go on thinking on the same issue, there will be the manifestation of the same issue in the form of dream. I do remember the case dating back to 1971 when I appeared for the Senior Operative Trainee Test in Bokaro Steel Plant and I was not satisfied with my performance but I was thinking desperately to get this dream realised. It took even five months in the declaration of the results. However, surprisingly the dream which I witnessed very frequently came true with a reminder to turn up for the final interview of the post. However, sometimes we see some of the dreams which does not appear to relevant. Once I saw that I won a lottery of five crore in the dream, I got up immediately but I realised that I did not purchase any such lottery tickets.

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    A nice thread is given by the author. Dreaming something is one part and applying efforts to make it accurate is a different or second part, one has to work on both legs, then only dreams come true in life. Some people find to dream day and night and even live a dream life which never becomes real until you work on them. When you know what you want to achieve or what is your dream then you must know the path to achieving the same and if you know the path you should follow the same and make your dreams come true.

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    Dreams are the manifestation of our subconscious mind. We have so many things in our mind some of which we are thinking and some of which are lying there in the background and will sometimes emerge out whenever any relevant thing is done to provoke them.
    Dreams are a different world altogether. Though during the dreams we will be seeing many familiar locations, people etc but the activity which appear to be happening in dreams would not be activities that we generally have in our normal lives. So dreams may come true or may not, it is only a matter of coincidence and chance. Some people believe in dreams and they give explanation for each dream but what is the authenticity of such a belief and whether there is a link between the dream and our life is a big question mark.

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    When we talk about the dreams that come true as achievements of our goals, those dreams are not the ones we se in our sleep without any conscious effort from our part.
    These dreams are actually 'Day dreams' which we consciously script and project in our mental screen. Unlike the unintended dreams we see in our sleep, these achievable dreams are consistent and repetitive by our will.

    The achievable dreams or our wishes and aims need scripting and direction and even acting from our own side.

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    Very happening situation about dreams which millions of people not only dream and for them some happened in their real life ditto and for some nothing happened.

    I have dreamt many number of times , someth

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    Continued from the previous post .. something great like getting a windfall upon buying from the supermarket and getting an ipod. On the other hand horrific dreams like being bitten by cobra or riding a tiger. But as the idioms goes one who rides a tiger must either get down or ride on it till you drop down and the tiger would use you as the human prey. Or think about escaping from it till you get helped by somebody. I got the help of a forest ranger who tranquilized the tiger and Freed me from its clutches.
    Radha Muralidhar

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