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    China's quantum dwarfs the power of Google

    US might have rejected China in trade and economy and might be thinking that the dragon country would be made to beg for living. But the way the superiority over internet space, the China has been spearheading, the US is far behind. Yes, we are talking about their Quantum computer which is one million times superior than the Google. The process is so speedier that it uses light photons to obtain the unprecedented results according to experts. The super computer can calculate in single millisecond a task of the fastest computer in the world would take 30 trillion years to do. This outsmarts Googles-55 Qubit Sycamore, making credit to China invention as the most fastest computer.
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    As per the South China Morning Post it is announced that the researchers in China have made a super computer which is claimed to be 1 million times more powerful than its nearest competitor, Google's Sycamore. If this news is correct then definitely China has taken a big leap in this area.
    Once this becomes available commercially to the computer users then it will open a new horizon in the computer area and the speed of execution in internet and other connected places will be enhanced significantly.
    Another thing they have mentioned is that China has developed a light-based machine which takes 1 millisecond to perform a task that would take a conventional computer 30 trillion years. This is really a big claim and only coming times will be disclosing the truth.

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    This is a piece of very recent news only and we don't know how far it is correct. China is very notorious for making such false claims. They have the least concern for the quality. So we have to wait and see to know the authenticity of the claim. This quantum computer is a light-based unit and only a prototype is made in December 2020. This is to be tested further and then only we can take a view on this. Anyhow the discovery will have a good potential and if it works well we will see a complete change in IT sector also and China will become further strong in the world.
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    In a few responses in earlier years in this forum at relevant contexts, I had mentioned that India obeyed or followed or succumbed to pressure of USA and got Coca Cola; but China resisted and opposed USA and they got Super computer.

    At present India is getting its position only because it stands for itself and hence gets respect and attention. China did this much earlier and had got that advantage. They utilised the opportunity very much and grew unopposed added and aided by their almost autocratic iron hand monopolistic governance.

    But the present India under the present PM Modi will grow much better than China by adhering to the time tested democratic system of our country. That will give more stability to our country and more confidence to our well wishers and partners.
    So the time is not far when India will dwarf the western nations as well as China in development and technology.

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