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    Can any course in IT or Computers get entry in IT profile?

    In the last few days, I have come across many people changing their job profiles, most of whom are familiar to me and they have entered IT only after doing some course or the other even though they do not have basics of computers before this course. On taking information, some people came to know that there are many good courses to start a career in IT, which you can get a good job in a short time. Whether the course is important or the institution conducting the course, everyone has different views on this subject. I think the institute has more importance than the course, what is your opinion on this subject and can a short course really open it to the youth through IT. please share your views
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    An institute may be a very prestigious one but it is not necessarily what will get you a job. It eventually depends on the knowledge and abilities you acquired through the course. Yes, a short-term course can definitely help youth to get into the IT field and within a short time. Before I mention actual cases, let us consider what exactly is IT.

    Information Technology is a very broad field and not, as some think, limited merely to data crunching and analysis or dealing with cyber security. There are aspects related to hardware also and with online platforms becoming a more or less mandatory requirement to keep up with the times, it is a no-brainer to acquire good skills related to various useful aspects of computers.

    I recall a young service engineer coming to the office where I had worked to fix a problem with the CPU. To our eyes, there were just a lot of messy wires inside, but for him, it was a cakewalk to move around and fix the problem. In general chit-chat with my boss who casually asked him how he got the expertise, he mentioned he had not completed graduation. Instead, he did a short-term vocational course in hardware maintenance. I also know of a young girl who completed her UG course in hospitality, then suddenly switched to learning digital marketing, that too an online short-term course. Then she worked on a few very basic internship assignments on setting up websites to get a general idea of the field and landed a job as a fresher with a private firm to help enhance the features of their website and now has a steady job, partly working from home due to the pandemic and partly from the office.

    The sum and substance of my view is that a short-term course is not entirely something to be dismissive of. If the youth have the aptitude and can pick up the ropes, they should go for it. Keep in mind that sadly, due to the pandemic, lots of people have been offloaded from the jobs that they thought would be forever. Hence, if they are determined to at least try something new even if not in their regular line and not for the same high remuneration, they should go for it rather than just mope around feeling sorry for themselves. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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    We have some Ask Expert threads where various IT careers are mentioned. In this one I had mentioned apps and AI. So I think a short-term course in developing a mobile app would have good scope. I think there are even AI courses that can be pursued for about two to three months. As I indicated in my earlier response, if one has an aptitude for a particular IT-related skill, the sky is not the limit. Nowadays there are even free coding tutorials for kids which could benefit them in the future, so even the youth can surely take the initiative and find their niche to create a successful career ahead.
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    In Ameerpet area of Hyderabad we find so many tuition centers offering short term courses aimed at fulfilling the job requirement of IT Industries and there is heavy demand for the same. Though the basic qualifications are different , the aspiring students are heavily trained in Deep learning and computer vision. Some gives the technique of sales and marketing course which is also important for online jobs. And for those who have done data science course, this is hottest and most in demand for getting immediate job. Apart from those, there are digital marketing, full stack development and product management. First of all the candidate should be very clear as to which IT group he or she has to pursue and then concentrate on them. Never leave any course in the half and that would be half learned for no use in future.
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    Definitely a short term certificate course or a diploma certificate or a PGD certificate in the IT field after a basic degree in any field may give some edge to get a job in that particular field. These days we are seeing many specialised fields are coming where we require people with some minimum knowledge in that field. For example, Artificial Intelligence is the talk of these days and many advancements and developments are coming in that field, So many companies are looking for people with some minimum qualification and some basic knowledge in that field. So if anyone with a degree and a certificate in AI is getting very good jobs with good payments.
    Definitely, the quality of the institute you studied in will have a say in your knowledge levels. That is why many companies go for conducting interviews for their organisation to reputed institutes. But just joining in a good institute is not alone sufficient. Your hard work and understanding of the subject are also important for a good job.

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    When it came to getting jobs it is solely based on the skills of the person and when it comes to our education system we rarely see institutes doing much help in terms of skill development. And after the pandemic with a state of joblessness more people got added in this area. So the best sector that people could find is IT to get a job and with the convenience of work from home. So this is also a reason for the surge of people going for the short term IT courses, so that other than the main passion they can earn something for part-time or maybe full time. It provides them with better opportunities. And I guess with such goals in mind people will go for priority of course rather than an institute.
    It also depends on the interest of the person going for the course if they are interested they will find better avenues even in the normal institute with less infrastructure.

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    Yes, short-term courses in the domain of IT can help a lot to get jobs. Computer engineering and working in the IT field is quite different. A person working in the section to handle customer queries on IT peripherals like printers, modems is in the IT sector and those who are developing a website are also in the IT sector. The skillset is different for both groups. As clearly explained by Vandana Madam in her replies one has to choose the field of interest and then choose the courses. Good institutes have good faculties which will help one to understand the course in a good way. Nowadays, many tutorials and online help are available through which one gets good guidance along with the usual help from the institute. It's the knowledge gained by the candidates from the short-term course that matters the most.

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