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    Best precautions to take to maintain security of data on electronic devices

    This thread has been initiated as an offshoot of this thread, wherein a point came up about saving passwords. I personally am dead against this. God forbid, but if you leave your device anywhere, be it your phone, Tab, or laptop, some smart hacker would get access to a lot of personal stuff, perhaps even bank details. I not only don't save passwords, as far as possible I don't even log into my regular emails on my phone, and on the few occasions that I do so, I even remove the saved user ID from the keyboard's suggestion feature. I think we should also not sync our phone with an email in which we receive bank transaction alerts or details about bill payments or things like our investments in mutual funds.

    Do you have any useful advice for maintaining the security and safety of information stored on our devices?
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    I am one who do not have the technical education on IT, computer software or hardware. But by necessity and practice I am using computer and mobile for various online transactions.

    Due to this lack of sufficient knowledge I am somewhat scared and cautious and so have not installed more apps etc. Mostly I use my desktop for my important transactions. In the desktop I had installed Internet security programme and keep it always updated. In my mobile I had installed a free anti virus programme. II have not synchronized them also.

    I do not keep passwords saved in mobile or desktop and have not synchronised them also. Periodically clear browsing history. Generally I do not venture for adventurism or experimentation and use my mobile or desktop for some basic essentials
    Still, I get scared when I face some issues of connectivity, freezing, some messages popping up etc.
    Sometimes it happens that after keying in PIN or password, the power goes off or connectivity fails etc. In such times I get anxious and will feel comfortable only after ensuring that nothing untoward happened, by relogging and checking details.

    Recently I had problems with IRCT site. It was not at all working in my desktop. I knew this only after many failed trials. Then I contacted IRCTC and they told me to install the app. After doing so I did the transactions with caution and hesitation , but it came successful. But that also after losing money one or two times from my credit card.( I got it recredited later is another matter).

    I have installed Kaspersky Internet Security in my desktop which has the 'Safe Money' facility. I use this for my important financial transactions. I use passwords which are displayed as 'strong' by the sites.

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    Although I am too used to using apps be it Paytm, phone pay, google pay and many more other apps but I keep tabs on such apps which require bank details and all the important things regarding the transaction and always stay cautious about those passwords and pins.
    But when it comes to other sites like Instagram, Gmail, and all other sites where I am logged in through my phone and laptop I have saved passwords. I have never doubted these things so far, but I am cautious about some things and not about others so it is chosen based on utility and convenience.
    Even when one time someone snatched my phone from me in Delhi near a park, that was a dreadful incident as all my passwords were saved on that phone, so I immediately blocked my bank account and registered an FIR for my details to be protected. But It is all about staying cautious about these sites but being too fearful will also hamper one's use of technology, so I stay on the safe side but for a few sites, I don't mind saving passwords on my personal devices. As all devices are password protected.

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    Here I want to share one problem being faced by me. While doing sharing of comments to news paper from my Google accounts on phone, there is always a fixed account of mine which is not getting erased, however if I choose other account to respond, it gets selected. Is that mean my phone has been hacked? Though we are making the UPI payments through our secured phone passwords, how far it is protected as what ever typed in the internet are being copied and saved automatically by some sites without even asking our permission. As we increasingly using the internet and online payments, there seems to be back door watch being made on our spending and sending of money to the particular account. Though our devices are password protected still I am not convinced regarding security of the same.
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    These days outdoor also we have some public wifi connections. We should not use that wifi on our phones or laptop or tablet. Always better to use data only to browse on our smartphones when we are outside. If you want to connect on the laptop using a hotspot to connect to the internet is the best way.
    We should keep our phones locked using passwords or some other way is the best way always. You should not give your phone to anybody who is not known to you. The passwords should be unique and should be very strong so that nobody can open the site. It is not advisable to store passwords on an electronic device. If you have a doubt you may forget, you can note down these passwords in certain code on a piece of paper and keep them in a place where you will have access to you only. But never keep those papers in your purse or pocket when you go out. This is very important.

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    Today we are living in an age of IT technology and many advancements are there like anti virus softwares, locking mechanisms, cleaning softwares etc. We must use all these facilities most of which are free or have some free versions. It is also advisable to change passwords time to time and keep them strong by using different characters and numerals. Now all said and done, the technology is changing and advancing day by day but the hackers and other bad elements in the internet are also becoming more and more intelligent and are equipped with more knowledge to break all the securities by using their innovative ill methods. In that situation, even after taking all safety measures one can land in a difficult situation. This is now an inbuilt threat in the online system where newer and newer methods of hacking are being developed by these criminals. Generally reputed browsers will keep the passwords saved and safe in a cryptic form and it is not easy to decrypt them due to the random nature of the encryption but anyone having a good knowledge of the operating systems and coding can misuse and decode the things which is beyond our comprehension. So the essence is to take care as far as possible and remain alert and aware.
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