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    Many of the younger generation are angry with the leaders.

    'Many of the younger generation are angry with the leaders'. These are the words spoken by Ms. Vinisha Umashankar at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference also known as COP26, held in Glasgow, United Kingdom. Ms. Vinisha is a 14-year-old girl from Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India. She gave a powerful speech at the conference which was attended by leaders like the President of the USA, Prime Minister of the U.K, and Prime Minister of India. She told the conference that the actions of the present leaders will have a bearing on the future of the younger generation as they will face the consequences. She also told that the empty promises of the leaders are of no consequence and actions to create a healthier world are required.

    Ms. Vinisha Umashanker is the 'Earthshot Prize' finalist for her innovation of "Solar Powered Street Ironing Cart'. She is a 10th. class student. Her powerful speech received an ovation from the participants of the conference. Watch her speech on the internet which is a thought-provoking one.
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    While my appreciation to Vinisha for her powerful speech at the UN climate change meet , what I feel that her age is not that ripe to have a dig at the leaders in general. At the age of 14 she might not have drawn wisdom from the studies as she hardly finished 10th class and that is not even formidable education. Surely her thought process are good and I am of the opinion that she drifted away from the subject and raised a prepared text helped to her by her school to draw the International attention. Younger generation are happy with the leaders and that is why they are joining in many political parties across the globe and future is surely in the hands of youth and they have the compulsion to take blessings and advice from the elder leaders in all respect and thus demeaning leaders in the International platform was unwarranted.
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    It is really very remarkable and we feel proud that Ms Vinisha from India made such a good speech and presentation in the international meeting that is UN climate change conference. It is a fact and it is also very true that today many young people are there who don't have any direction, they are doing courses aimlessly, they don't know what to do in future, and are not able to carve out a career satisfactorily. This is all because we are not able to give them a conducive environment and system in which they can move ahead fearlessly with confidence.
    In many countries because of corrupt practices young people are not getting a fair chance to rise in their lives. This is creating frustration in them. And that is the main source of their anger.

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    @ 746248: The least the member can do before expressing an opinion about Ms. Vinisha, is to know about her by searching on the internet. Saying that her speech at the conference is prepared with the help of the school is expressing an opinion without checking the facts. Ms. Vinisha is an innovator, entrepreneur, and also climate change activist. The invitation to deliver a speech at such an international conference in itself indicates her worth.

    @746250: This thread is about a girl who is very much focused and knows very well what she is doing. The observation that many youth are doing courses aimlessly is no doubt true, it is out of place in the context of the content of the thread. She is a young girl, who is thinking about the damage being done to the earth in the name of development. She is not happy with the inaction of the world leaders and their empty words. She like many of her generation all over the world feel that they have to fight for a habitable world for them to live in the future. The present levels of pollution are going to make this earth inhabitable for them in the future. Her innovation of solar-powered street ironing cart, helps in avoiding the usage of coal which when burnt causes pollution.

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    We should appreciate the maturity levels of the kid. The understanding she had about the environment. The comment she made on the leaders is very pertinent and the leaders should not commit something and forget.
    They should be serious about the promises they made. They should see that the climate is maintained properly so that the future generations will not have any environment problems and will lead a happy life.
    But how many of the younger generation are having such maturity levels is the question. Are they doing their part in maintaining the climate under control? These are the questions I get into my mind when I think about the role of youth in marinating the climate.
    I hope the world leaders who attended the meeting and heard the kid, should understand the problems of the people and they should take corrective actions so that the earth will not get more and more polluted day by day.

    always confident

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