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    Don't you feel there are two parallel universe going for youngsters these days?

    In the age of social media, two worlds going on for youngsters the way the conversations go on social media are completely different and separated from the reality they live in.
    In this parallel digital world they argue, they fight, they express, they are chatty, fun-loving, outgoing and they connect with the people but in the real world they are tacit, they avoid crowd, they don't sit with relatives, they want to avoid everyone and they are completely introverted.
    And the conversation and that happened in these two worlds are miles apart. One where they are liberal and they live the life on their own terms and the other where they are bound by the rules and norms of society, And eventually, the digital world is becoming their reality than the digital world.
    To what extent is it correct to live in these two worlds for the youngsters.
    The world where they are understood is not the world they really need understanding.
    And the world where they need understanding they actually avoid.
    Because of the way the mobiles have changed our lives no body actually no who we are other than our smart phones, and of course the supercomputers which have stored all our information for us.
    All the storms inside our mind, all our problems, all the conversations we need to do with our family and friends we are now doing on social media to unknown entities just to make sure nobody actually knows the demons of our sadness or the reasons for our happiness.
    Even I have been part of many such debates on Instagram that I think can rarely happen in real-time because our society is not mature enough to talk about the issues of mental health, depression, exam pressure, unemployment, feminism, rape culture, sex education, homosexuality, domestic violence, dowry, gender equality and patriarchy. Because in the real world these ideas will be too radical to talk about and on an open platform. But in social media, you will find one meme, one tweet and one comment and then an endless debate of youngsters fighting over these issues to put their opinion and notion.
    Do you think our society will ever be ready to talk about these issues and that too in family-like environments, schools and colleges?
    Don't you think social media have created a different kind of introverts among youths?
    Is it possible to part away from the gap between these two worlds of social media in which youngsters are indulged today?
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    Nice post from the author and I am equally happy that the observation comes from the youth member of this site. The content can be reviewed in many ways and what I observe that the youth of these days are not exposed to the face to face conversation and they are ready to do any kind of arguments or debates on social media as they are not visible to the others. Whereas when it comes to real world and real presence, they choose to live apart not mingling with freely and that exposes the fear in them to face the situation and challenge. Here I am not blaming the youth, they have the tendency of " why should I "in every aspect and they are not fanning out to get into the matter. Expressing through mobiles may not be given that credence when the same is done through the real world appearance. Hope the youth understands this difference.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    That is true. Many youths these days are living in the virtual world only. They never mingle with other family members. Some young mothers also are busy on their mobile even though their kids are feeling hungry or weeping. Some young husbands are busy with their cell phones and never respond to the calls of their wives.
    This habit is seen in students also these days. I have seen a big change since the emergence of COVID 19. During this pandemic, students are not going to their institutes but attending classes online. That made these students be online for longer times and hence they got accustomed to these various social media sites. Even some housewives who were watching serials on TV stopped watching them and switched over to these social media sites.
    Many students these days play many virtual games. They never go out and play in the ground. They like to talk to their friends and they may not like to spend more time with family members.

    always confident

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    A good thought by the author that two parallel worlds are there today for a youth. Most of the youngsters are busy in the virtual sites and even enjoying the discussions and debates of all kinds and freely express themselves in those places. But there is a big difference between the two. In the real world you will be corrected and asked to apologise by your own family members if you are going behind the limit. Even among the friends or the workplace one has to be careful otherwise one would get cornered for any unwanted behaviour. So these things are responsible for that introvert or avoiding the realities type of things that we often seen in the youths today. On the other hand in the virtual world we can express ourselves without bothering for the feelings of others. The maximum punishment is the deletion of our post if some moderator is there who is watching our misconduct in that portal. In extreme case we might be suspended from the site and that is all. One can of course go to other unmoderated sites in such cases. Due to that type of freedom youth enjoy in those places.
    Knowledge is power.

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