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    It was UPA which got kickbacks on Rafale

    Now the secret is out. It was UPA through middleman Sushen Gupta got the kick backs on Rafale deal through his Mauritian company to the tune of 7.5 million euros and this is the same middleman who facilitated deal in Agusta Westland helicopter during UPA regime and the payment of commission was confirmed. So having received such kind of kickbacks Rahul Gandhi had the reason to blame Modi govt on Rafale deal. But NDA govt deal is for total package with warfare and the cost escalation was nothing to cast doubts on corruption as alleged by Congress. Therefore the shouting of Congress all these days has now affected their own reputation.
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    The report published in newspapers says that the majority of the kickbacks were paid from 2004 to 2013. When the accounts belonging to Sushen Gupta, the middle man, are verified, there are some entries with only D. It is a dubious entry these reports say. The French reports say that there is proof for that.
    A report that appeared in the French investigative website Mediapart on Monday regarding these fake invoices through which aircraft maker Dassault Aviation paid over seven million euros in kickbacks to Gupta between 2007 and 2012. Pranab Mukherjee and Antony were the then Defence Ministers. Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister during that period.
    Now it is the duty of the present government to get the actual details from the supplier and get a correct investigation is made and trace the culprits so that such mistakes will not be committed by the people in influential positions.

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    It seems the author is quite happy about the report. But what is the secret here? Some newspapers published some information accusing someone which is happening at random. Who is going to prove the claims made in the reports? Is it the report of any investigating agency or a court on the basis of which such conclusions are made? If these reports are any evidence to submit in the court then let it be and let the truth come out. There is no point in attacks and counter-attacks.

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    When corruption charges proven on opposition the whole media goes mum and even discussions goes mute here.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author is finally accepting the reports of foreign media. Some more details will also come in due course. This news item is covered by all the media in our country. A thorough investigation needs to be conducted and those who took bribes should be punished. This is public money and whoever resorted to corruption needs to be punished.

    According to the Mediapart report, this information is with CBI and Enforcement Directorate since 2018. They have kept silent all these years. It is essential that they take up the investigation immediately and find the culprits.

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    We cannot guess where the money has gone in terms of Rafale Payment. There are different hypothesis and by going through the same, we cannot nab the real culprits. The different medias had the different reports relating to payments of kickbacks and we cannot establish the facts behind the misappropriation of the public money.
    It has been too late to nab the real culprit, though as per media report, entire information is available to CBI and is lying pending with the Enforcement Directorate since 2018. Reasons fo keeping silence on this issue has compounded the issues. They should definitely take up the issues at the earliest to punish the culprits.

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    All political allegations are useless and a waste of time. The author seems to be satisfied to what he has been told about a 65 crore bribe. I think if there is any truth then immediately FIR should be lodged against the then prime minister Manmohan Singh, Defence Minister and whoever was guilty of deceiving the country. Merely, blaming and throwing allegations against others has no weight.
    Was our government or agencies like ED or CBI or any other prominent agency not aware of what was happening behind the curtain?
    Why our government has not taken any action against the culprits?

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    Accusing someone for some thing is one thing but bringing the accused to books for that misdeed is completely a different aspect.
    We have seen so many cases in the past where accusations were made and even the cases were discussed in the courts but the result was always ambiguous or not very straight forward. People were found not guilty based on some confusion and intelligent actions taken by their lawyers.

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    The real beneficiaries in these kind of 'revealing's and exposures are the media especially the TV channels. They get bite(bytes) for some days.
    The political parties will continue their blame game and try to appear innocent and clean and target blame on rival parties by manipulating and misinterpreting the words in their favour.
    Before next elections each party will try to bring out something new sensational matter, an untruth or half truth or even a manufactured lie, making people forget the actual truths.

    The drama will go on, the actors, script and scene changing .

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    The corrupted party has been exposed again and that is the take of this revelations.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When the corrupted party is exposed, why the Union government is not taking action? Why CBI and ED are keeping quiet in spite of having evidence? Why an inexperienced company was taken as offset partner overlooking HAL? Why the corruption clause was removed in the agreement by the present government while purchasing 36 Rafaels? These are all the questions the present government needs to answer. Certainly, the time will come when all the facts will come out.
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    Now that Mohan has concluded that the then UPA government is the real beneficiary in the Rafale deal, can we put a stop to the investigations? It is ridiculous and at the same time sad that we have such blind followers who are more loyal than the king.
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