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    People in higher positions should be honest and sincere for improving the system

    People having powerful and influential positions can always favour a candidate, subordinate, or an employee if they wished to do so. We all know that if there is a will there is a way. So they can always manipulate and adjust within the existing rules and regulation in such a way that no one can catch them easily for that act of nepotism.
    It means that until the people in important positions are honest and are working without favouring anyone, the system as well as the governance in the system would not improve. So there is no external system or fear which can make us to do things correctly rather it is the honesty and sincerity of the person sitting at a particular position not to favour anyone until unless someone truly deserves it.
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    The author has raised a very pertinent point that the administration cannot be improved unless the head is truly honest and want to adopt a policy of clean administration not favouring anyone because of cast factor and for the indulgence in the bad practices.The boss must be above the corruption and the subordinates must be familiar with the quality of boss for his clean image. However, there are some instances when we can see that the entire environment is alright - free from wrong practices but we go deeper inside, the story might be otherwise. It means everything is not in order as seen externally. Environment can be made as per wish of the boss. The management should see this aspect seriously so that in all the vital departments, there should be the efficient managers not favouring nepotism and casteism.

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    What the author has discussed here is the pertinent problems we are facing and through favoritism the people in higher positions misuse the power and get into the bad book of recommendations and taking bribes for it. Before committing any such frauds, the higher people must realize that they are working under the system through which wrong doings are caught easily and the opposition leaders are watchdog for such findings. Still if the higher people behave strangely and favor a particular person overthrowing the set rules, even the courts are very vigil and take the news paper report as the suo-motto case and deal the same. So better for them to keep their house in order and be honest every time. For their honesty and duty consciousness they are paid best salaries by the government and thus they should behave.
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    Actually, everyone in this world should be honest and sincere. But it is very essential in the case of people in higher positions. If a common man is not sincere or honest the damage he can do to the system is less. But a person in a powerful position and who make rules and regulations in the country is not sincere and honest, the whole country will suffer. A teacher who creates the society of tomorrow will have a high responsibility. He should be sincere and honest and teach these qualities and their importance to the children of today who are going to be tomorrow's society.
    We are seeing many officers who are in very responsible positions and who are corrupt. Such officers are really doing a lot of damage to the entire system. Even some officers who are supposed to be the watchdogs of the implementation of rules and regulations are also becoming corrupt and we are seeing malpractices everywhere.
    This is not good for the country.

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    Honest and sincere is essential one to any level of employees or other persons. If one is err the total group get spoiled. If the sincere and honest employee is there and the person in higher position do not possess the same the effort of the employee gone vein. If the employee is without sincere and honest the person in higher position do not achieve his goal.
    Here I have seen in some offices the officer who is taking decision is benevolent to opposite party so the efforts of subordinates gone fruitless as the superior got some different view. So, the common goal of department got affected.

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    In a home, the children always follow the parents. Their acts and behaviour are a reflection of that of their parents. People in the higher position in any organization control their subordinates and the work environment/culture is very much dependent on how the higher-ups behave. If subordinates see their boss indulge in favouritism and corrupt practices they will not hesitate to indulge in such things. But the subordinate can be corrupt also if the boss is sincere and honest and in that case, it is because of the leniency shown by the boss. The higher-ups need to be honest and strict too to reduce corruption.

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    I completely agree with the author here that any person who is in authority should not be a bigot and favour only those who are boot lickers and sycophants but should judge people based on their abilities. Be it any field things should be merit-based and not on the basis of favouritism, nepotism and corruption.
    All these corrupt practices not only malign our society, damage it economically but are like the wood getting eaten by termites slowly and surely disrupting the whole system and creating a further sequence of such things to continue.

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