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    Online classes phone a facilitator of changed reality.

    With the coming of the pandemic everybody felt the need for an alternative for schooling and regular classes, and so came the concept of online classes. And with the online-classes kids got kind of their personal phone way before their parents might have given them cell phones.
    I got my first phone only after class Xth and that too with few limitations of usage. But kids these days, have got in a way their personal phone for all day long on the name of online classes without any kind of time limit.
    This has made them addicted to phones and nobody is realising that. You will find 10 to 12-year-old kids on social networking sites be it Facebook, Instagram and even on Twitter. Every time a young cousin of mine maybe 12-13 years old sends me a friend request on these sites I feel this need for regulations in their lives. With their beautiful pictures clicked with Instagram in front of cars and beautiful backgrounds these kids think they are adults.

    Even adults could not handle the influence of the internet, social media and the social life of the virtual world. Can we expect these kids to be aware of the dark side of the Internet? and having a personal phone as a disturbing element, It rarely happens that students only use phones for study purposes, and often indulge in online gaming which at times can be very violent and outrageous.
    Isn't it a modern-day problem? Do you see it as a problem or not?
    Is there any way to not hamper child study and not compromise their studies but limit their phone usage?
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    It is true that the parents are forced to forgo their phone or buy a new smart phone for the kids to facilitate online learning and also clarify the important notes through tele-calling. In our childhood, we have not seen the hand phone at all and we were habituated to PP phone through land line. But these days the children are bestowed with information at their finger tips and just asking Google they are knowing many things. As long as the smart phones are used for good way and education , it is always welcome, but in the name social contacts the children indulge in sharing and liking anything they come across and therefore their privacy details are also at stake. Anyway the parents must have the tow over the happenings and going on in the cell phone and they must keenly watch the child behavior on the usage.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    That is a real problem with online classes and smartphones usage. Because of the pandemic parents are forced to make their children use smartphones for online learning. Laptops are also used by some students. They are exposed to the internet well. So there are many chances of misusing the same. Parents can't be after their kids 24 X 7. What is the way out?
    Many students were using smartphones even before the pandemic. They were carrying the phones with them to schools. Either teachers or parents can't control them. But with this pandemic, the percentage increased.
    It is very difficult to stop them from seeing social media and other sites. This is an inherent problem. The only way I see in this issue is to make the students understand the ill effects of wasting time on unnecessary issues so that they may understand and try to use the phones for online studies only.

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    There is no harm in providing the youths the smartphones for the educational purposes and at the current moment when the classes are conducted on line, this apparatus cannot be denied to the prospective students. Though there was no such developments in our times for both online classes and the smartphones. With the rapid progress in the internet, it is not difficult to get such a gadget at a reasonable cost making the aspirants easy to learn their lessons through online classes but the consequences might be counterproductive if the pupils indulge themselves with the social sites or in other medias. Hence in the process of learning, there exists a lot of risks where the parents cannot check their wards desisting them from such sites.

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