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    Children's E-book Team Challenge Contest - registrations invited

    We will once again have a go at a team challenge creative writing contest. With Children's Day approaching, the title of this thread gives you a heads-up on the theme, namely, a story for children (any age group). When the contest is announced, you will also be given a photo around which the story should be worked upon. Rules and prizes will be announced later. As of now, in this thread, just post a response to indicate a willingness to participate in the contest.

    There are some changes from the previous team challenge contest. Teams will be drawn by lots, the number of teams and the number of members in each team determined by the total number of participants. Since it was quite chaotic last time in the communication aspect, we will just do away with it altogether. Instead, each member will simply mention in brief an element to be included in the next chapter by his/her team member. This will also help in the smooth flow of the story. For example, let's say the story begins with a character named Kartik. The team member should mention at the end of the first chapter 'Feature for Chapter 2 - introduce Kartik's friend'. Then the person writing Chapter 2 will introduce the friend, giving a name to the character, and end with 'Feature for Chapter 3 - mention a colourful object'...and so on. Each of the team members will write an alternate chapter, with each writing totally three chapters, so the e-book will be of six chapters in all. Who will write the first chapter will be determined by the draw of lots. That is, I will put all the names on chits of paper and create two lots. The name I draw first, let's say Ms. X will be the first author. If I pick up the name of Ms. X from the second lot, immediately I will discard it and pick another name, let's say Mr. Z, who will be the team member and will write the second chapter. Then Ms. X will write the third chapter, Mr. Z the fourth, and so on. In case there is a large number of participants, we can even have teams with three members each, which will then create an e-book of nine chapters.

    Please ensure that you will definitely be participating. The contest will likely begin on 12 or 13th November, as per how many participants register. Each team's member has to submit his/her chapter within 25 hours of the time-stamp of the previous chapter. So we want your 100% commitment once you register, otherwise, your team's chances of winning a prize will be jeopardized. There will be no alerts and reminders about submitting your chapter in time. It is your responsibility to keep track of your team's e-book thread.

    So start registering your name in this thread and if you have any queries, raise them in this thread itself.
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    I am interested in this story writing competition but I have an exam on 13th November so would not be available on these dates but after that only. So I would like to know when is the last date for this competition and if I could still register. If I will be able to submit my part on 14 or later?
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    As I mentioned, the contest will 'likely' be announced on the 12th or 13th. It all depends on how many members register. So it could be announced even later. Unless a good number register for it, the contest cannot take place since it is a team challenge. There is no last date of registration as of now, and no fixed date of the competition closing as that will depend entirely on the time-frames of each e-book chapter.

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    I want to participate in this contest. Please register my name for the same.
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    Neelam and Umesh - thanks for expressing your interest to participate. Unfortunately, since nobody else has responded, this contest is scrapped.
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