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    Do you keep pets such as cats,dogs or parrots, pigeons at home? Some keep while others do not.

    Pet lovers generally , treat their pets like their own family members and pamper them and name them.Their faces drop when we call them by mistake dogs.A special type of food is ordered from pet store and fed lovingly by the family. They are taken to pet beauty parlours and their hair,nails are cut and polished. New T -shirts are bought on special occasions. Even my husband when he was alive used to rear a Tom cat and bring special food for it. Although he was a pure vegetarian,he would go to the pet shop,take it to the terrace and feed him stomach full

    However,there are people who do not like to keep pets at home. For instance,I do not like to arrest them in a closed house because of two main reasons. The first one is that those animals should have to have a lot of sunlight and fresh air most of the time. I know some pet owners would argue that they are taken out in the mornings and evenings regulary. The second reason is when guests drop in the pet owners do not put them in a leash and they move around everywhere. I am scared of dogs and once when I visited someone the dog silently came and licked my toe and I screamed my heart out forgetting that I was at someone's house and behaving in such a way was a total taboo from my end

    Now,let us discuss about the flying creatures. Parrots can talk so earlier people used to teach them name of Gods as Govinda, Krishna,Rama etc so that they would also repeat and make them remember the Lord's name. But now the children teach them cartoon characters name . And when elders use abusive words,the parrots also utter them which is very embarrassing to hear.

    Now I am expecting your opinion on either of the sides.

    Radha Muralidhar
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    Everything is good to a certain limit. In those days the people in the neighborhood are tolerable but we cannot expect such tolerance nowadays. As the people are engaged themselves heavily, need privacy, think sophisticated, etc., such activities are lessen by this time. Pets like parrots or pigeons at home is somewhat okey but we should have enough free space space for them. For them also some people of the opinion that we are caging them in a view to hindering them. But keeping dog though become a common in nowadays feels a huge hindrance to neighbors, If the house is of individual bungalow, keeping pets like them are found okey and their desire got fulfilled, otherwise enjoying by viewing them from a distance or at least in zoo.

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    This is the controversial subject to which there may be mixed responses from the members. No doubt rearing a pet is the sole and independent decision of the house holds and having a pet is the great responsibility too. Pets should be under the full control of their masters and not the hindrance to others. My opposite house has seven pet dogs and all are let loose on the road, and it would chase everyone who pass through the place. When we take up the matter with them, they say being low caste , people are harassing them and put atrocities case. Now tell me by seeing this type of pets, we got more irritated than love for them. Dogs are good and we also love them for their obedience and best loving character, but when something like above happens daily and risk of life, surely the love for pets gone for ever.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As of now, we are not having any pet animals in our house. Even though we have a good liking for pets we could not have pet animals in the house. In our house earlier we were having some tortoises. But whenever we have to go out of the station, we used to face a big problem, about who will take care of them when we are not there. We have to hand over the house to somebody and we don't how careful they may be. We can't ask somebody to take care of the pets for a long time. We faced this problem many times when we had them and finally we have left them in a big water tank near our house. With that experience, we decided that we will not have any pets in the house.
    My younger sister was having two dogs in her house. My brother in law likes them very much. They got very much attached to these dogs and when they died we are not able to control our sister and her husband. They were in that sorrow for long. When we have a special affection towards some pets, when they leave us we may not be able to cope up. So I feel it is better to avoid having pets in the house.

    always confident

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