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    Celebration, locality and the type of music may have some connections

    It's a celebration time in most parts of the country and everywhere celebrations take place in their own ways. Song, dance and cultural programs are a part of many celebrations and playing music during the days of the celebrations can be thought of as an integral part of the celebration. Various types of music are played during the celebrations and at times it can be seen that some are dancing to those tunes. In the tunes, I observed something which I am sharing here. Recently, the Durga Puja was celebrated all over the state and there was no exception at my place. I would say the playing of very loud music has come down to some extent because of the noise pollution it creates, nevertheless, music is played almost everywhere. Now let's come to the type of songs played. I have found the same set of songs are played in my locality, the exact location can vary as I overheard all such songs from various corners and interestingly the same set of songs is played over the years. The songs are good, nostalgic and I do not have any complaint regarding that and by listening to those songs in my locality it can be understood what type of celebration is going on. I have heard from a handful of people also that some specific songs are played during a particular celebration in their localities too. When it's a celebration I feel any kind of song may be played as it's a celebration and different people have different tastes though my observation is a bit different. What do you think? Have you also observed the same types of happenings in your localities?
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    Appreciation to the author for making keen observation over the playing of music loud on the public address system and be it festival , occasions or even national events. For example when Republic day and Independence day and even Gandhi Jayanthi is celebrated, some fixed songs from old Hindi movies are played like Dal dal ...yeh bharat desh hai mera, Vandemataram,vandematram... and these songs I am hearing since the childhood. Like during the Mahankali Bonalu festival in Hyderabad for one month long, the same song like Mayadari Mysammo played and get bored hearing the same again and again. I think there is dearth for new songs for the occasions and festivities and thus the organizers are forced to play the patent songs and make us alert that particular occasion is being celebrated.
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    I agree with the author that the practice of having loudspeakers and putting on very high sounds has been reduced to a large extent. For the last 3 or 4 years, loudspeakers for Ganapathi Navaratrulu were not there. This is definitely a good symptom. But now people started enjoying music and songs on their own using their smartphones and earphones.
    Definitely, the songs that are being played on a celebration day will depend on the type of celebration on that day. When we celebrate August 15th, we play songs related to patriotism. When there is a festival, the songs that will be played will be related to that festival. There will be some standard songs related to the festival and the majority of the people will hear the same songs.
    Saturday is believed to be the day that is related to Lord Venkteswara. We hear songs praising Venkateswara on that day.

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