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    Having Buddha statue or bust in room brings peace and bliss in the room does it really?

    I heard from many people that buddha images, busts and statues in a room kind of increase peacefulness, bliss, happiness and also help people to concentrate and focus on important things like study.
    I don't know whether it works that way or not but I definitely feel it looks very beautiful with an aesthetic view of the room. And in that sense, it does increase blissfulness and every time you see it you feel good as well. And every time I see the curly hair on Buddha's head I get the remainder of the story or the myth prevailing regarding that those are not actually hairs but 108 snails who got on Buddha's head to protect him from hailstorm and heavy rains.
    What is your opinion about such a myth, do you have any such belief?
    Or have you placed a Buddha statue or bust in your house, If yes was there any specific reason for that or just for making the room beautiful? Or do you have any other such stories related to this practice of having these statues at home and not as a deity in the temple?
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    I do not think that by having the Buddha statue or his bust would bring in peace and tranquility in the room because as far as I know he left every pleasure of the world and sought meditating under the tree and for him why the people are getting into more troubles in daily life and why the life is always confronted with challenges. In this back drop having the statue of Buddha in the living room would not give any pep up or the cause to develop. No doubt Buddha can be worshiped and his teachings be followed, but having the statue at wrong place may not give the desired results. Moreover he has taken the route of Monk and does not possess any boon giving authority and thus he can be remembered for the great lessons of his preaching and nothing else. And it all depends on the respective people and their faith.
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    Gauthama Buddha whose name was Siddhartha was a prince. When he was born the Court's astrologer had predicted that when he views three things,he would leave the palace and become a monk.Although the king kept a watch on him with an eagle's eye.the destiny made him go out and he sat under a banyan tree starting medication .upo seeing his serene face, local people came to him with a request to solve their agony.

    One day a lady had lost her baby and she came crying and asked Buddha to breath back life into it if he was God. Buddha asked her to go to the households in her neighborhood and bring some mustard seeds from a house where no death had taken place. As predicted, someone or other had left for heavenly abode in every households. Then,the lady understood the preaching of the Lord and burried the sons body peacefully herself

    My opinion is keeping the statue of Buddha bring positive vibes at home or office. I have three or four Buddha idol and it give me peace whenever I pray to him

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    If this is true all the people in the world will keep a Budha statue or bust at their homes. The entire world will be at peace. Many people have it at their homes but there seems to be no effect.
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    It depends on one belief, when a person want peace he/she may look at those doors which help them to get out of his stress and problems. For someone it could be a place that is covered by the nature, for me this is the best option. for other one it could be his/her room where no one create any notice or no disrturbance, even some people get peace by doing their work. So bringing peace is depend on the person to person. Actually the peace is a emotion that connects us with ourselves so the aim should be connect us with ourselves for bringing peace and you will get the same.

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    Keeping Buddha Statue in the room alone does not produce positive vibes unless we realise the importance of this statute and involvement of Gautam Buddha for attaining tranquility and peace. Peace can be restored in many ways such as diversion of thinking process, carrying out jobs of our interest and even with the playing with the children sometimes or any other hobby of one's choice etc. Keeping any idol for the restoration of peace would work if we do have have positive attitudes and have the immense faith with the people with whom we are living. It is a positive thinking process which in turn produces calming effects on our mind.

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    I also heard this but I never had any belief in that. We are not having any Buddha statues or busts in our house. My wife collects many crafts and other decorative pieces to bring a good look to the house. We have a good collection of such pieces. But there is no Buddha statue in that collection. Different people may have different superstitions but we can't believe all of them.
    But by keeping the house neat and clean we will have good health and all the members in the house will be cheerful. So we all should all see that the house will be maintained clean.
    To have peace of mind and happiness in the house, we should maintain a good atmosphere in the house. People should have a good understanding among themselves and they should respect each other properly and sort the problems by discussion. Then the house will be peaceful and all the people in the house will also be happy and pleasant

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    But pity to state that in many houses I am seeing the pictures of Hindu God are got removed in many houses from the hall,rooms and bedrooms, instead they have a small pooja room meant for someone in the house. I do not understand how such mentality come in their minds to remove the pictures?

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    It is said that yesterday's famous and great people become the god of tomorrow. Gautama Buddha was one such great personality. So keeping a figure of him or a small statue of him in ones room might inspire the person as if Gautam Buddha himself was present there guiding, inspiring, and motivating the individual.
    Why only Gautam Buddha, it is in fact the picture or statue or image of any famous personality of the ancient times or even the image of our Gods like lord Rama or Krishna or Shiva that can be hanged on the wall in our room.
    These things have a great psychological pressure on us and whether we believe in it or not It is said that there is some hidden or and invisible energy in this things which help us in unknown and strange ways. It cannot be proved scientifically and it cannot be proved with rationality and logic but many people believe that it exists and if you believe in it, it might benefit you.

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