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    Do you think confronting states get formidable help from the center?

    In India we have the federal set up where in the states are suppose to work in tandem with the center and all the central govt policies need to be implemented and followed. Unfortunately some opposition states do pick up confronted attitude with the center and thus spoil their own chance of getting formidable help from the center. State politics cannot be a reason to pick up face off with the center, and every regional party should understand this. The ultimate sufferers would be the people who are denied of central schemes and assistance to respective states.
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    There should be a good understanding between the ruling party in the State and the ruling party in the Centre. Otherwise, there is will be problems for the people of the state in particular and for the people of the country in general. The parties ruling in these two places may be different. But when both of them thinks about the people they should do which is good for people. But that is not happening.
    In a by-election, in Telangana, the BJP candidate won. The candidate who won there is very popular there and the win came more because of the candidate. But TRS and BJP quarrelling each other and BJP blame the state government and the TRS blame the central government. This is purely for their political mileage.
    There is a clear cut understanding of the powers of the two governments and the financial matters distribution is having its own procedures. So the things go normally but when special issues or problems come the centre may not support the state if the state government unnecessarily tries to fight with the central government.

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    The worst situation we faced when NTR was over throw formidable Congress at the state and thus faced hostile cooperation from the center.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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