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    Gradually children become independent.

    A child, when the world is not naturally aware of it, knows how to cry to explain the needs and troubles, after some time they begin to understand gestures. As children grow up, they want to become self-dependent, but sometimes we do not give responsibility to the children due to great fear, in some cases, it is necessary that we understand that the child has become capable of some normal work. In this, I would like to talk about two important work, first kitchen or other household work and secondly, bringing goods like general work outside the house. Different people have different opinions when we talk about these works. I think at the age of 10 to 12, we should start giving these small responsibilities to the children in a small way. What according to you should be the age determination for this? And it should be without any gender discrimination.
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    Children are the products of their parents and intelligence of the children is due to their parents and their genetic characteristics. We should watch our children and should ensure that they are behaving mentally and physically according to their ages. Every activities such as walking, running, laughing, taking foods of their own etc would take place in their scheduled timings. There might be some delays in such activities say for a month or two which should not be a worrying factor. Any delay beyond that has to be sorted out with the doctors visit. However the parental roles are important in making them matured at different stages. Once the children attain the age of twelve or so, they should be entrusted with the job of marketing so that they could be more practical in shopping.

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    Bringing up the children in a proper way is the responsibility of the parents. They should devotee sufficient time and see that children will be travelling in a proper path. Especially when the children are in their teenage, the parents should be very watchful. Otherwise, children will get on the wrong path.
    The parents should tell them which is good and which is bad from the very early age of the kids. Then the minds of the children will get tuned in a proper way. Then once the child is about 14 to 15 years we should start giving them small responsibilities. We can ask them to get some items from the nearby general stores etc. At that age only we should give them some works in the house also which can be carried out easily without much problem. Then they will slowly understand life and they will start taking responsibility on their own.

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    What I feel that the children should be habituated to all kinds of work and they must be exposed to all task so that all the importance happenings in life are made known to them. There are parents who would not allow the girl child to fetch groceries and vegetables from the shops. Some girl child does not know how to make change out of big currency notes and they often fail to take the exact change at the shop counter. Not only kitchen, even outside works must be entrusted to them so that they know the value of work in all respects. For some they do not know how to bargain and for what purpose. Not all the products and services can be bargained and the children must be taught about the difference. For example the train fare and the bus fare cannot be bargained, whereas she can bargain the vegetables and flowers for sure.
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    Yes, giving small, step by step and small responsibilities to children from early ages do help them towards independent learning. Few responsibilities that they will have to learn at one or the other point of life it is better to make them ready for the future life and future difficulties.
    Pampering a kid too much and not giving them any responsibilities often end up making them fearful about the new and different tasks, but if they are habituated to doing few tasks and chores they don't fear new things and are ready to venture into the difficult task for future life ahead.
    Sending them to market for buying household supply, asking them to make some tea for elders, or helping their parents and grand parents in few tasks which they are capable of but in a very polite manner and not depending on them for these things and neither hampering their other activities is not a harmful thing to do. But this should be done without any discrimination on the part of the gender of the child which is often the case in India.
    Every child should learn basic survival skills in a step by step manner.

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    In some houses we used to see that the small children are dressed with sarees, dhothis etc., without thinking that they are going to use the same after grown to certain extent. Similar to that we are giving independence to them without minding once they got certain age they are certainly independent. But till that we should make them to keep in their mind that the parents and relatives are important till certain level of age. The love we should sow in their mind so as they have to care the parents in later stage. If we,in the thought of giving independence, make them aloof, the loss is to us only and not to them as however they are going to be independent. They should give independence in thinking, deciding what subjects to study, etc., But many of us with the thought of independence giving separate room, without hindering or asking them for anything, making them free from every activities in the house etc.,

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    It is always better to teach the children some basic ideas regarding the household work since quite beginning because later they will have some resistance developed for these things.
    In earlier times because of poverty or lack of financial resources the parents were forced to take work from the children since an early age. So that was a blessing in disguise because under that constrained life the children learnt everything during their childhood itself. Today the situation is entirely different because most of the parents are not taking any work from their children and on the contrary they are actually pampering them and that is creating bad habits in the children. Frankly speaking we should take work from them as early as possible so that these things are inculcated in them deeply and then they remain active throughout their lives.

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