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    How much exciting it is to have a whole room for yourself or for that matter whole house?

    In India, one of the biggest things to be earned is considered as having a house in one's own name.
    We all get something as an inheritance some expand that house makes it bigger, some start with a scratch and makes a completely new house. But having your own house is given a lot of value, unlike western country where no one has a problem living in a rented apartment for life.
    Although I can't relate to the experience of having a house on the name as I am nowhere near that, even I was very excited when I got a separate room in my childhood, I was so excited about having something which I will decorate in my own terms.
    Today I was listening to a conversation of a few people about making and owning a house. And have also seen many elderly people in the house who take care of the house very much and keep nagging the people who rent any of the sections in the house for keeping it clean and well condition, because they are so much attached to their house.
    Also, I have heard so many stories from my grandfather about making the house in the village by his parents and how much difficult that have been at that time, then its further expansion by him and later by my father at a completely different location.
    So I thought to raise this thread here, as many members here are well established and I guess definitely have added that feat in their lives. If you would like to share the experience of having a house of your own, made with your hard-earned money.
    How did it make you feel? and do you still cherish it something of that much value?
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    I lived in a rented house till my 44th year. There are many problems with staying in a rented house. You will not have the freedom to keep the house as you like. You have to get the permission of the owner even for small changes also. The owner may ask you to vacate the house at any moment. Shifting houses is a herculean task. It involves high expenditure and there are chances of some items getting spoiled. So I never purchased any heavy furniture when I stayed in a rented house.
    As mentioned by the author, many people in India will have a lot of affection towards the house they got made. My father is having own house in our native place. He is staying in that house for about 40 years. Now he is 88 years.
    But he never wanted to leave that house and stay with us in our place. Like this, I have seen many people who will have such thoughts.

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    It is the fact that modern people are habituated to live in posh way and even wants spacious room for the privacy and other commitments of life. Unfortunately when in urban areas the flats are small in size, and given the minimum four members in a house, there cannot be exclusive room for some. And the author like to have whole house for single person is too much asking. No matter those who are rich and affordable, can plan one big room for each person and accordingly they can set the things in that room for permanently and even the guests can be entertained exclusively. But in a family of four which is micro family, the parents wants everyone to mingle and be participating in every moments at the home and thus there cannot be too much takers for this suggestion. However I support the idea of the author.
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    Though I am not possessing own house for me till date I am pity on the people those own house in their name. I use to saw a big house was possessed by a notary person and who was owning a big marriage hall in his name nearby to his house - on the way to my office. One fine day that man died and many people were found surrounded before the house and Marriage hall to pay final tribute to him. On the third day of his death, I saw the name written slab from the entrance side of the house was removed and found on the ground. During the next month the entire house got destructed and formed as a big apartment with different name . His marriage hall converted into a big departmental store with different name. I just imagine in that time of seeing them with what thought and proud he would construct the house and Marriage hall and he would believe that his children would have kept them as his remembrance but got dilapidated into sand.

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    It is true that everyone is not lucky to have a house inherited from ones parents. Most of the people from lower classes have struggled much to get a house in their names and it takes 30-40 years of time to achieve that kind of a target.
    I had a parental house but that is in a remote area and it is not possible for me to go there and live during my retired life. So, I was forced to buy a flat in a good city and at the time of my retirement when I got PF funds I bought a flat and it took for me a service life of about 37 years to achieve that. Living in one's own house has got its own charm and there is no fear of landlord asking to vacate the house anytime.

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    K Mohan sir you again have misunderstood the point here I have not said anywhere about having the whole house to oneself, I have just raised this thread to know the feeling of people who are finally able to build something in concrete form that is completely visible after years of hard work. And they cherish it daily with all the joys. Because every brick placed in the house is made of hard-earned money.
    And this value can be best understood by someone who has made it that far. That is why I just wanted to hear about such experiences. I am not among the people who cherish a materialistic thing like the house so much I am more into travelling and I think I would like to spend money on travelling rather than a house.
    But all I wanted to know was why Indians give more importance to owning a house than anything else is it really that worthy? Does owning a house really provides a person with such happiness?
    This is the point of this thread here.

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    In a highly populated and developing country like India it is not possible for everyone to possess a house of one's own or even an independent 1 BHK itself. So in such a situation it is natural to have a craze for having an independent house for oneself. There are so many loan schemes from the banks and government sources which are encouraging people to have their own houses or flats. Readymade houses are available on long term EMI also. The feeling of possessing a house cannot be described in words especially in a country like ours. Though human nature is always for acquiring the materialistic things but acquiring a house is a much bigger achievement in our eyes and most of us feel much elated by this. That is the reason why there is so much craze for independent house or flat in our country.
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    Happiness manifests in the different forms including the constitution of our own houses. If that cherished dream is fulfilled, the owner of the house would think that he has been amply rewarded in their life times. However, it is not an easy task to get such a dream realised by all. If we consider the cost of different materials such as cement, sand, steel and other materials to be employed in the construction of houses, it has surged beyond our expectations and as a result the final cost of the houses are beyond the reach for many of us. Sometimes it is not possible to have a house in our name despite the fact that we are in the service with decent salaries but liabilities are equally unmanageable. So in our life time, to have a house of our own is a matter of chance and those enjoying the same are fortunate enough to get their dreams realised.

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