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    Padma Award this time, and recognition of section that rarely comes at the fore.

    A very nice video circulating on the internet these days is of Manjamma Jogati, the first trans-gender from the Karnataka academy receiving award for the folk art forms and the grace with which she received the award while dancing and smiling.
    And another is a photograph of Tulasi Gouda (known by the name Encylopedia of Forest) due to her vast knowledge of diverse species of plants and herbs receiving awards in her Traditional dress and barefoot.
    These people are now getting recognised and now winning people's hearts with their simplicity, attire, humbleness and art forms. If you have not seen these videos go check out how sweet it is to see the happiness on these simple faces. Transgender who are slowly getting recognition in society and are not just limited to their traditional role of earning through begging, and environmentalists who are not renowned on the television but are doing everything in their power to protect the environment. Seeing them getting recognition for such work is really one of the very best things this present government has done.
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    For the first time we felt that the Padma awards are eligible for those who make a contribution to national interest irrespective of their place, position and being normal citizen. This time we could able to see ordinary people walking towards the President and taking the prestigious award while the entire nation was watching spell bound. The way the transgender walked so gently and had some ritual done in front of the President made be to think proud that there is a govt which cares for the aspirations and achievements of the sections which are either too discarded by the power that may be. These awardees in their normal traditional attire has proved the world that simplicity is the hall mark of life and the recognition comes if the high of life is put in positive prospective the world would bow the head with reverence.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We should appreciate the Karnataka State government for recognising such very low profile people and recommending them for the country's prestigious Padma awards. Then due appreciation to the central government for accepting the proposals of the state government.
    Yesterday I read this news in the newspaper and I saw the photograph of Tulasi receiving the award without having any chappals also. She was well received by the Prime Minister of the country who was present at the award presentation function. The work done by Tulasi is commendable and she deserves the award by all means. I think this is for the first time we are seeing such names on the list,
    Taking care of so many plants is commendable. At the same time, she is having a full understanding of the uses and advantages of various plants for human beings. The State government should see that her knowledge will be documented so that future generations will understand the uses of various plants.

    always confident

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    There are many people in our society who are doing commendable work at the grass root level in the most down to the earth way having a humble and polite approach to the people. But they do not get any recognition from any government department or political party. Now the situation is changing in our country and the present ruling regime is inclined to find out these people and reward them with nation's highest level awards like Padma Sri etc.
    This is definitely a very good trend and we must appreciate and applaud the government for this great gesture recognising the astounding work of these people at such a low level.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We have to admit that after Modi became the PM, the Padma awards have ben going to real deserving persons. It would have been unimaginable before that.

    There was a Mammootty starrer Malayalam movie "Praanchiyettan.." in 2010, whose theme is a satire about how people try to 'buy' Padma awards using political and other influences and even paying for it.

    I had the fortune in a few occasions, to share dais with one of the Padma awardees from Kerala. He is such a down-to-earth realist human being who did (and doing) a lot of selfless service to fellow human beings. He is not at all rich, and did not have a house of his own till last year or so. Even today he does no have a good well built house. We could not have even dreamt his getting such honour some years back. The credit and appreciation should go to our present PM's leadership and mission and vision.

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