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    Losing ready to eat food is a curse. Do you agree?

    All the parents will take care of their children carefully and see that they will have a good education so that they can lead a happy life. They will do the best possible to see that their wards will come up in their lives. Some parents will have a lot of hope for their children thinking that they will take care of them in their old age.

    One of my friends is having one son and one daughter. My friend is just retired. His son completed his BE and got a job very recently. My friend is very happy. But unfortunately, my friend's son died all of a sudden of a heart attack. Now the grief of my friend and his wife is very high. We are not able to console them. They thought they have a ready-made meal, but when they are about to eat it, they have lost it. Really a great tragedy and no one can bring light to their lives.

    Losing a son of about 21 years of age is pathetic for his old parents. Do you agree?
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    Sorry for your friend's loss. It is indeed tragic. However, losing a loved one cannot be compared to missing out on ready-to-eat food. The analogy is bad.

    With reference to the initial text, parents always have many hopes and expectations of their children and most often than not it does not exactly work out their way. They simply adjust and adapt to the situation.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Death of a young son is a terrible thing in any family. No doubt it is a great loss and bolt to the family. It is very difficult for the parents to tolerate the effect of sudden death of a child in the family.
    In such situations parents require a lot of courage and control on their sentiments. In our lives such things can happen to anyone anytime as we do not know about the destiny of a person.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Very very pathetic in deed. We can understand the pain and agony of parents for losing their son at the age of 21 when all is set for his career goals and looking after the family. But getting a heart attack at the young age is something cannot be believed or digested.. At this age there should not be ailment at all and what ever eaten would be digested and the health looks good. But in these days we cannot get the good food and outside foods are full of waste ingredients which would tell upon the health very easily. There are no words to control the grieving parents as they lost everything with the son's death and their remaining life would be with thought of this great loss and they would worsen their life from bad to worse. Only God should give them ample strength and take the happening to their stride.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is saddening to see such a tragic thing happening to a young person, and nobody can feel the agony and pain his parents might be feeling and my condolences to the family. But I did not like the analogy here, as it has made a parent-children relation seem so mechanical and completely based on mutual benefit. When in actuality it is way more than that, I know parents have a lot of expectations from children but that is not the only reason they love a child. In this case, if the child not have been very efficient earner his parents would have loved to see him live.
    And parents can somehow live with pensions, retirement funds and their daughter can help them out in their old age but there is nothing that can compensate for the loss of life and that too a life they have created.

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    God forbid such sad happenings.

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    It is really a sad incident that happened to your friend, for any parent, there is hardly anything in the world more than his child. After becoming a parent in life, people live their life only according to the interest of their child and always want to see the support of their old age in front of them. It is very unfortunate when any parent has to see such grief. God should not show such great sorrow to any parent, pray to God to give strength to your friend's family so that they can get themselves out of this grief.

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