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    Discrepancies in the evaluation system could ruin the careers of students

    Evaluating the answer script is a sensitive job as it is the deciding factor for shaping the career of a student. For evaluating the answer scripts, experts and professional people should be assigned this responsibility. In JK mostly retired people are hired to evaluate the answers of a student for which they are given 10-13 rupees per paper. They are allowed to evaluate 50 papers in a day.
    Unfortunately, some discrepancies have been found in the evaluation system and when students are not satisfied, they opt for re-evaluation to clear their doubts and many times their concerns were found genuine. Such discrepancies in the evaluation system can create problems for students and ruin their careers. What do you think about the evaluation systems in your states? Should there be any change in the entire evaluation process?
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    Generally, teachers or examiners will evaluate the answer sheet of a student in a proper and correct way so that the assessment is perfect. Everyone expects from them to do like that. Now the evolution or the assessment might differ from person to person and individual to individual depending on their knowledge and understanding the answer of the student in the right spirit. Most of the times the assessment made by different people will be very close to each other. But still there are instances when the assessment may not be perfect and vary from the actual assessment as it should had been. Only in such cases the re-evaluation might help the student to some extent.
    Sometimes the examiner or the teacher who is evaluating the student's answer may be biased or may not be in a good mental frame and might do some mistakes in his judgement but these cases are rare and in general we can say that evaluation is done in a quite satisfactory manner.

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    This is really an important issue raised by the author as discrepancies should not takes place while evaluation of answer sheets as the future of the students are at stake and the evaluating officials must be in good mood while doing so and there cannot be under marking of the answers which may cause huge loss to the students rank wise. What that author shared that in Kashmir the retired persons are hired to evaluate the answer sheets and the amount given is also pittance. What I feel that as the elder citizen they may be looking for refined answers from the candidates and having paid less per sheet their evaluating capacity is being tested by the government and thus under marks are being allotted. The evaluation system must be changed and working teachers must be employed to have the right marks allotted to right answers.
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    This is very true. Any mistake committed by a person who is evaluating the answer sheets may affect a person adversely.
    My Sister's son is very intelligent and he secured first place in his 7th class in the district. But in SSC the results showed that he failed the examinations. He was always school first and no teacher believed that he failed in the examination. He got above 90% in all the subjects except Hindi. In Hindi, he got 18%. My brother in law is a teacher and he decided to go for revaluation and applied for revaluation for the Hindi paper. My niece got 81% but it is recorded by mistake as 18%. Then he was promoted and joined in intermediate.
    The system of evaluation should be very accurate and it should go wrong. So importance should be given to accuracy than time and the number of papers evaluated.

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