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    To call a spade a spade is not acceptable to many.

    When someone does something which is not acceptable to some other person, the person who does not agree say it on his face and earns a bad name.

    Some ladies gossip about their relatives, friends and family when they visit their houses. They let out the private matters which they would have got secretly from their maid or cook. They discuss the matter in detail making fun of their bosom friends also. Someone just tells them that this is not good and ask them to refrain from such loose talk. With this, they break their friendship and bid them goodbye breaking the trust.

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    By the way gossips are worst character being portrayed by everyone of us as we get some pleasure or the other in demeaning the character assassination of others no matter it wont give any credence to them. By indulging in such act we are actually eroding the very imprint of trust and morale within us kept on others. Our gossip indulgence would also tell upon our work as we are losing the productive time allocated to other work and the gossip got nothing to us. By gossiping we are hurting the feelings of others and if they come to know that we are also part of that gossip gang, they would not pardon us. So our reputation is at stake and better to avoid gossip either at home or at the office place. One thing is sure, if we tell about others, there are every chance that the same people would gossip on our issues and matters.
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    To call a spade a spade is still very prevalent in the society as many people resort to it due to their inherent nature. This trait is not considered as a good trait and many times the person adapting to it earns a bad name.
    As regards the aspect of backbiting that is also a very bad trait but unfortunately not only many women but also many men are being seen doing that day and night. It is difficult to understand what pleasure these backbiters obtain by doing that but certainly it might be relieving them from the load of things in their mind and probably they feel happy after releasing the bad words about someone. Strange are the ways of human nature.

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    Many people can't digest to get pointed out by others even though they are at fault. So diplomatic people may point out the mistakes of the other person softly and indirectly. But some people will put straight across the table. This may not be considered a bad trait, but some people can't resist doing so. If it is in a family and friends some times their relations will get spoiled. In a professional life from the senior person will try to punish the junior who is directly pointing out the mistakes of the senior and sometimes may cost his job also.
    Gossiping is another bad issue. In the absence of a person talking badly of him/her is not a good trait. If you find something wrong with a person try to inform the same privately to the individual in a polite way so that the other person will not get offended. Otherwise, the relations will go bad and create unnecessary friction between the person.

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