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    How much necessary to teach a kid concept of private property?

    As a kid, we are given certain pocket money and we save it for buying something which we like for example the latest toy, a cartoon comic, or a cool gadget and it was always a nice idea to have some money for ourselves and buy things even if our parents reject that idea.
    But some kids are too innocent to understand such a concept they just give all their pocket money or the money given to them by relatives to their parents. And only demands what they require from their parents, these kids are just never able to get out of the shadow of their parents and take their independent financial action even as a grown-up.
    One of my cousins who is a class 9th student who should have at least some idea of such a concept is just completely unaware of such a thing, he never takes a single dime for himself. And gives every penny he has to his mother. And only asks for what is absolutely necessary for him. Is it ok to be such an innocent in terms of money, because even a small kid these days is smart enough to understand such a thing?

    Do you think it is important for a kid to understand the concept of private property and have their own little savings?
    Or do you think they should completely surrender whatever little they have got from their relatives and grandparents to their parents?
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    The author has raised an important thread, as the children are being given the money now and then for one reason or the other and they need to either save or spend wisely. But some children has been taught to be obedient to their parents, especially the mother and their all savings would go to the hands of mother. It is the good trait because the mother would have total control of the child spending and there is no question of misguiding and waste expenses. When the parents are there to look after every need and demand of the child, the kids need not worry about the money. But over the period of time, there must be some cushion of money being held by the kids not for spending but for emergency use as there can be situations to which one cannot ask the money from others. If this need was taught, that is enough for every child.
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    Generally, In our house whatever money the child is getting from our relatives will be given to the parents and parents will put that money in the accounts of the children. Children will be given some money for their pocket expenses. How much will be given as pocket money will depend on the age of the child and the class in which the lid is?
    Once given some money to the child parents will never ask back that money. Some people save some money and ask their parents to put it in their bank account. But some children will spend the full amount. As parents elders will tell them the importance of saving some money. This will help the kids in inculcating the habit of saving.
    It is better not to tell them about their money and family money.

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