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    New Zealand won in a thrilling first semifinal match

    In first T20 semifinal match New Zealand outmatched England and won the semifinal in a thrilling way.Both the teams played equally well but New Zealand with their brilliant display towards the end snatched the game away from England. England batted well in their knock and kept a good task for opposition. England in their bowling also kept very tight but towards the end New Zealand showed their adventurous batting and gave no scope for England to recover. Any how two very good teams fought for final spot and gave great excitement to spectators. Members, how do you felt about this match?
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    First of all very many congrats to New Zealand for entering the final by snatching the game from England. It was the thrilling come back for the NZ team as they struggled in the beginning and later become almost the winner of this tournament It seems NZ avenged the same kind of defeat two years back and thus sent England packing. The Kiwis must be wondering that Pakistan has been most formidable team in this tournament as they won all the five matches. So there is huge public support for Pakistanis in the ground. For England they would remember this match as it was almost a win till last minute. And for the fans it was the touch match, thrilling game of cricket displayed by both teams and they have removed the disappointment from the minds of Indian fans as both teams gave the best cricketing experience.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As India is not there in the top 4 the tournament is not attracting the attention of many Indians. But cricket fans enjoyed yesterday's match. Up to 13th or 14th over the match tilting this way and that way. But during the 15th or 16th over the commentator commented that over is match tilting over and all thought that match is with England. But New Zealand batted very nicely and they attached the bowlers made runs very fast. They won the game in 19 overs. The two teams fought very well and finally the best team won the match. Today Australia vs Pakistan match will be played. The winner will play with New Zealand in the finals.
    Congratulations to the winners and I wish New Zealand should win the cup. But the Indian team made all of us unhappy with their worst performance in the first two matches of the tournament.

    always confident

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    What a turnaround in this tournament as India was expected to be in finals were shunted out of the same and Pakistan which made wins against every team and was hope to be the winner all the way, has been shunted out by Australia yesterday and thus we are going to watch another interesting show down between the arch rivals Australia and New Zealand. And for Indian fans it is the great solace that the Pakistan were also out of game and we are now poised to watch the great finals between the historic rival teams. Australia's come back to this finals was not expected as they were rated underdogs. May be luck is calling for them as they are going to put brave fight against New Zealand and for Kiwis they have the good team at the disposal and therefore the finals is going to be more surcharged and best cricket in store.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No doubt that New Zealand team played well and won the match but England also kept their pressure on the New Zealand team throughout the match and it was evident from the way the New Zealand team was playing using their best of strategies. In a match what matters most is the coordination and team work between the team members and definitely New Zealand team was well organised in that matter. So this was a great victory for the New Zealand team that paved the way for them to reach final.
    Now Australia has defeated the Pakistan team and New Zealand would play against Australia in the finals and I hope that that would be a very interesting game.

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