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    Documented task cannot be deviated then how to get out ?

    In some research and development sector the daily routines goes with documented task to achieve the end results and being the whole year concept, there is no rest for the men and machine to achieve the success, sometimes the deviations are bound to happen to which the damage control cannot be initiated as the parent company would not agree for any changes without the documentary evidence. What could be the way out as the company should not be put into loss and at the same time the client need to be happy ?
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    While executing a task given by customer it is necessary to complete it as per the requirement of customer. So the crucial thing in these matters is that before taking up the order for task from the customer it is necessary to find out whether the task can be done in the desired way or not. If there is any change required in the order from the customer then it has to be sorted out that time only because later we cannot tell the customer that we have made some deviation to the original plan.
    Once we have accepted the order from the customer based on our capabilities and abilities then there is no question of deviation and we must ensure that the job is exactly done same way as desired by the customer. Once the job is successfully completed then it can be delivered to the customer along with the documentary evidences. There is absolutely no problem doing that.

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    While entering into a contract, we have to ensure that despatch has to delivered within the stipulated period and any delay in this regard would erode our reputation. The customers would not like get the delivery date extended since the customers might have the urgency of such materials. Hence we have to gear up the despatch schedules accordingly. Though we might be facing varied constraints such as breakdown of the cranes, less availability of raw materials to complete the delivery of despatch within the timeframe agreed mutually. However these factors are not making any impact to the customers and would not like to get the deadline extended. Hence the producers should adhere to the date of final despatch as accepted by both the parties.

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    There are two accepts in this. One is following the document. The second point is the accuracy of the document. When we take up a job, we will study the whole process and what are the measurable points and what are the specifications for these measurable parameters. For example the time frame for completing the task. This will be well discussed and a time frame will be fixed up as mutually agreed. Similarly, the specifications for the product also are discussed and documented after getting a mutual agreement. Once the agreement is made all the parties involved in the task should go by that and should not deviate.
    But if you have to do some research and develop a product we can't make a document for the methodology you have to follow. One has to try various methods available and finalise the best way to do it. After finalising the process only one should make a document and hand over the same to quality department and production department so that they will follow the document strictly without any deviation.

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