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    Why should one go for higher education?

    Education is a very important aspect in our lives as without that we are just like a dead wood. The question then naturally arises as how much education do we require. Today there is a blind race of acquiring higher and higher qualifications without understanding their purpose and meaning in our lives. There is also not a job guarantee after doing so much efforts in one's life.
    In such a situation it makes sense to go for some basic education like say 10+2 or a simple graduation degree and then aquire skills by doing some certificate or diploma course or technical course and then search for a job or start working as a self employed person.
    Only those students who are very bright and meritorious should go for higher education like engineering degrees or medical degree or MBA or PhD etc.
    There is no point in pursuing higher education if that is not job oriented. What do you think about this issue?
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    The way our education system has been it never really focuses on evolving the real skills of a student and just keep pushing him to the next grade without really giving any kind of skill or value education.
    And it takes a little more for a student to understand his or her real interest. And Higher education, the biggest benefit of higher education is it provides a perspective. Many people who just rush into a job after doing 12th or graduation often have little understanding of other things than their jobs. And they get scheduled into a particular kind of lifestyle and are not able to get out of it. With higher education, a student understands things in a better perspective and it also opens the door for more job opportunities based on that particular qualification, which are specially reserved for people with a Master's degree only.
    Many a student joins private companies as soon as they finish their basic education and then get just indulged in a too much hectic life where they have no life on full weeks at all and weekends are spent in partying only. They don't do anything else to grow and try new things.
    I don't think acquiring higher degrees is in any way waste of time if it is a person's calling.

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    Very nice question posed by the author through this thread and I am also of the view that when we have enough education to get a formidable job with good salary then going for higher education is the waste exercise as the present job would always guarantee a promotion and higher position by virtue of great performance and understanding of given job for sure. The other day when I asked my son to go for higher education and try for even GATE entrance, he made the greatest revelations that at present being a chemical engineer with 3 years experience and being in core sector which has wide openings in India and abroad, there is no need for higher education as the job requires intensity of understanding the asking task and giving the befitting solution and therefore higher education a mere waste for him.
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    Higher education to one is basically for
    1.quench the educational thirst of one which developed in his or her mind from childhood
    2.To fetch a good employment as present employment market is so demanded
    3.To avail the opportunity of promotion or higher increment in the working place
    4.In certain organisations especially in Government organisations there is a note in the scale of pay as 'EB' which means efficiency bar through which his increment or promotion would be decided on the efficiency bar which can be attained with higher study that is he or she should possess the required qualification though he or she was not possessed the same during the appointment.

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    Higher education would definitely boost the career prospects in the job we are doing. While working in the industries AMIE would be a preferred qualification which would enhance the technical knowledge of our work. Though we are doing continuously a job in the Blast Furnace of the steel plant, our familiarity with the different skills in the metallurgical field would help us to improve production where in we would utmost take care of the input raw materials regarding its purity and the minimum content to be dumped in the Blast Furnace to get the quality output. This is applicable in all the departments where we can employ our knowledge of the different streams such as electrical, mechanical if we have been allotted for such jobs.
    For a teacher, possessing B.Ed qualification would enable them to know the different skills how teaching skills can be improved sufficiently so as to make the students competent. Hence we must resort to take up additional qualification in our related jobs which would be beneficial for both management and ourselves.

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    Education is a very important aspect of our lives. Many of us are of the opinion that education is only to get a good job. But it is not the only use of education. Education should teach us how we have to live in this world. Education will tell us how to differentiate between good and bad, Education will also tell us about the ways and means to live safely and happily in this society. There is no end to getting educated. We will be getting educated throughout our lives,
    Why go for higher education? Higher education will give more in-depth knowledge of the subject we pursue.
    Education for a job is different. What is the job you are doing and what are the skills required for that job? We should learn the skills required in the field in which we want to go for a job. After getting into the job we have to polish our skills from time to time to get updated in the subject and to fare well in the job. To prosper in the career we have to get more and more skills and we should get the highest level of education in that area.

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    Education has always been and always will be the important pillar for progress and human life. But in some cases, we find that this education has now become a matter of competition and appearance or fashion. I cannot say this for everyone because some people are still keeping the goal of education, but in the same few people, we find that their aim is nothing and they only show themselves with everyone or the best in higher education. Students should not think about pursuing a degree or higher education but they should think about pursuing their goal and then make a decision accordingly.

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    It is believed that higher education has better prospects in terms of career and that's why many go for higher education. It is true that not enough jobs are generated and for every job, you do not need higher education but people have expectations and that's why many continue pursuing degrees. The educational qualification has a role in the type of job one is doing. To become a professor or to do research works a Masters degree is a must whereas graduation with the required skill is enough to work in an organisation. Educational qualification is directly related to the level of knowledge and if we think about the jobs then it's all about the skills one acquires to perform a specific task. If skills required for the job can be obtained through certifications then higher education is not necessary but if the job requires more specific skills then higher education may be mandatory for such jobs.

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    While the main aim of any person seeking to higher education is to improve upon getting good job and the future going to be excellent as the perks would be more and greater earning potential. Unfortunately a new trend has been emerging as those who had already acquired the higher education amid tough competition and who are also enjoying the top post of the country are not happy with their position and seek to leave or resign and chose other profession which is not respectable nor have the regard for the person. This lateral change of thoughts are making a person to think twice before deciding on the higher education which surely may not be useful for the thinkers who keep on hopping and wants greener and more greener pastures of their life. So every body may not be thinking to have the higher education for sure.
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